Art/Craft for Children

Fairy Wand

It’s no secret our littlest girl is mad about fairies, she is fairly certain she is a real life Fairy. And what do real life Fairies need? Real life wands of course!


Here are some instructions for a super simple Fairy Dust Wand, that will leave a sprinkle of magic wherever it is taken.

What you need

PVA Glue & a brushneed




We found this lovely ribbon in Lidl
We found this lovely ribbon in Lidl

How to make a Fairy Dust Wand

Apply pva glue to  one end of the twig, enough to cover around an inch.



Sprinkle the glue with glitter, or place the glitter on a sheet of paper and roll the twig in it. Do whatever is easiest for little fingers.



Tie a ribbon underneath the glitter and leave to dry.


Cast spells and ponder the secrets of your Fairy Dust Wand.



18 thoughts on “Fairy Wand

  1. Such sweet and precious pictures. Not sure my little imps daddy will be too impressed with a fairy wand ….. May have to adapt this for elves!! (“,)

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  2. Love the idea of making a wand from twigs and decorating them. And who doesn’t love covering things with glitter!? Will have to try this with my daughter – thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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