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Fairy Party

My littlest girl, my 3 year old, my baby, my fairy. She has been asking for a fairy party for a some time now. We made a Fairy Garden during the summer, she put in her request again for her much longed for party. We are now in the last week of the summer holidays, ‘Please Mommy, can we have a fairy party?’ Yes sweetheart, of course we can.


She may be only 3, but Miss Abbie had very set ideas about what would take place at her Fairy Party.

Naturally everybody would have to dress up. Herself and Caoimhe would be fairies. When it came to Abbie’s costume, up she has her pretty fairy dress, a lovely gift from The Busy Mama’s, and of course her fairy wings. She had Caoimhe dress up as a fairy, donned with wings too and her brothers had to be gnomes, or maybe it was leprechauns? Harry certainly resembled a leprechaun anyway!


There had to be some crafting so they all had great fun making Fairy Wands, you’ll find instructions for these here. According to Abbie these are real wands because they are made from sticks!


Following the crafting, the fairies and gnomes watched Tinkerbell on Netflix.


There had to be lots of lovely fairy food and with a little thought and a lot of imagination we soon came up with a menu fit for fairies everywhere. Abbie was a very willing helper when it came to preparing the food for her party and I think she did a great job.


Here is what she had.

Fairy Cakes


You can find the recipe for the fairy cakes here. These were delicious.

Fairy Toadstools


Don’t these look great? These are so easy to make. Melt a little white chocolate and use it as a glue to sit a strawberry on top of a marshmallow. Then using a toothpick, add little dots of the white chocolate to each strawberry.

Fairy Wishes


These are shortbread biscuits, with a little icing and pink sprinkles.

Pretty Popcorn


Make your popcorn as per pack instructions, melt some white chocolate and add it to the bowl along with pink sprinkles. Give it all a good stir and leave to set.


Everything went down a treat and Abbie declared it to be the best fairy party food ever.


No party is complete without some dancing and so that’s what she did as soon as we found suitable ‘fairy music’, she had a little dance around.


This may read like it was a lot of effort, but with lots of involvement from the children it was great fun and created some very lovely memories; for our fairy girl in particular.


Making memories doesn’t need to involve spending lots of money nor does it need to be stressful. This was a lovely day; it was time together, it was laughter and music, food and dancing, it was precious.




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