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Moments from August

I can’t believe I’m looking back at August already, the summer holidays, while fraught at times, really did fly by. The weather wasn’t great was it, we were starting to fret when at the beginning of August the postman ran through the rain and delivered a parcel from Netflix, summer was saved.


That parcel prompted a great afternoon of fun ad food! Lots and lots of yummy Netflix Party Food. Obviously this food can be tailored to suit any child’s party.


With Caoimhe and Jack spending alot of time in very close proximity to each other, they were starting to bicker…alot! So did I seperate them? No, of course not. Instead I set them a little task that went extremely well, here is 10 Things I Like About You.


Have you ever heard of Edenvale in Wexford or been there even? It’s a very beautiful place, we bring the children there for walks to the waterfall, they love it. Read about Edenvale here, I wish my photos did it more justice.


I’m not a big fan of lamb and when Easy Food magazine contacted me and asked me to cook a lamb dish as part of the Taste Test team I was a bit hesitant, however, I do like a food challenge. I was so pleased with these Harissa Lamb Chops, they were delicious and just proved what I am always saying to my children; pairing different foods and flavours can completely change they way we taste them so every dish I present to them should always be tried!

As bad days go, the one where the iron died, the cooker was confirmed to be on the verge of death and the car decided to join the party was pretty bad! How was your day?

The lovely One Yummy Mummy tagged me to do the Blogger Interview, you can read that here, learn another little bit about me.

As the holidays were coming to an end I granted my little fairy a wish and we had a Fairy Party, where they made these pretty Fairy Wands.


Of course no fairy party would be complete without Fairy Cakes, click here and discover a recipe for refined sugar free cakes……a healthier alternative-brilliant!!


As August draws to a close and September brings change, I celebrate my fairy girl as she takes her first steps without me into the big wide world………(well a couple of mornings a week in playschool, but it feels big!!)



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