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The First Day

As I mentioned here previously, Little Miss was starting pre school. Due to unforeseen circumstances, her start day was delayed a week, so she was more than ready to go when this morning came around.

She had practiced opening and closing her lunchboxes (one for a sandwich, one for snacks) numerous times just to be certain she’d manage them. The same with her water bottle, ‘I can do it Mama’ she declared on lifting the nozzle thingy first time.

Her new slippers for wearing indoors, chosen by herself,  were packed into her Frozen (what else?!) bag along with the lunch box and water.

PicMonkey Collage

Her big sister made her some special little gifts to go on her bag, loom band keyrings. She was thrilled with these, one is the letter A and the other is a loom band Tinkerbell, Her sister clearly has more patience than I credit her with!


The fairy was up, had her breakfast eaten and dressed to go by 8am. She was fit to burst with excitement. She spent the time waiting to go running from one to the other asking if it was time yet and double checking everything and telling us how excited she was.


She had said weeks ago she was bringing Ozzie with her. This little girl just loves her teddies, Ozzie being one of the favourites, he’s a kangaroo her Aunt & Uncle brought back from Australia for her. He was the chosen one for today, he would travel with her, hold her hand and take care of her. When she got to playschool Ozzie was left in Harry’s care and would return to collect her later!

When we arrived at playschool she couldn’t get in quick enough, her cousin was starting today too, after a quick look around, she found her and off they went together, barely looking up to say goodbye!


Me? I was fine, my little girl was far to happy for me not to be. What I hadn’t expected was how her going affected my Cuddlemonster. He was so sad. He clung onto Ozzie and kept asking for her, his big eyes glossy with unshed tears. He was being brave but really didn’t understand why his little comrade was all of a sudden not with us today.


In a bid to cheer him up we made some cookies for him to share with her when she got home, he got stuck into this activity, including Ozzie in the action of course.


He was very proud of his efforts and delighted giving her one of them to chew while she told us all about her day, which included tales of painting, tickle tag & story about chocolate mousse! She had a great time, she’ll settle in well I think and be more than ready for the 5 days she’ll do next year.




40 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. You get a description of what they do?? I ask Taylor how school was and I get “fine”, what did you do? “Stuff”. I can’t cope with having a sullen threenager!!!

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  2. I loved this, Nicola – how lovely for you that she was so excited. My heart broke a little over her brother at home missing her, though. Cookies always work wonders! 🙂

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  3. I still can’t believe the impact this cartoon made on little girls around the world xD
    But can you blame them? ‘Let it go’ is still in my head every time I try to encourage myself over something 😀

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  4. Aww how sweet, she looked to happy to be there! TL begun junior preschool last week but I worry for him, he can’t speak a lot yet and is still in nappies, I want to cry leaving him each time. Your girl looks more than able and her little keyrings are adorable on her bag 🙂

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    1. It’s hard not to worry Fi, my next little boy will go a couple of days next year but I do look at him as he is now and wonder will he be ready. He struggles with his speech to which will hinder potty training.
      The other side of course is that a lot of the time preschool is great for encouraging the speech along so before long you could see great changes in TL’s speech. I wouldn’t worry about the nappies yet, you’ll know when he’s ready to train, take the lead from him 🙂


  5. Aw, there’s been alot of first days this past few weeks. Great memories and look at those curly locks. Your sister is very talented with the loom bands…I can’t even do a bracelet!

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  6. How lovely that her brother loves her so much he was visibly upset when she went off for her first day. I bet you were so pleased that she was looking forward to her first day and happy. Mine are teenagers, so it all changes then.

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