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five things that say ‘Me’

My lovely blogging friend Fionnuala over at Three Sons Later is running one of the most fascinating linky’s I have ever joined, 5 Things That Say Me. Fionnuala’s own post is beautiful and I am currently packing to go and stay in her house (wishful thinking at it’s finest!)

I had to give this some considerable thought. There are many things that say me, many of which I’m sure I could ramble through life without, however, it’s important I feel to have things close that reflect one’s personality, that portray little snippets of you.

Having decided on my five but before I wrote this, I posed the question to Mr. Simply Homemade, what five things did he think ‘said me’. The man knows me well, his answers were almost identical to what I had decided.

1. My Family Locket

When we had our last little baby, our Cuddlemonster, we knew our family was complete and I wanted something that represented my family, something for me to have always. We decided on this floating locket, I love it. It has all of our birthstones, the mum & dad stones are surrounded by metal, the child ones aren’t. It has a family disc and a little heart to keep us altogether. It is my family, close to my heart.


2. My Cookbooks

I love my cookbooks, all of them, I love adding to them, I love finding inspiration in them. I read them often, always discovering something new within the pages.


3. Our Home

On any ordinary day, I find a lot of faults in our home. Not enough space here, wasted space there; but at the end of the day I wouldn’t live anywhere else. This is ours, it will most likely always be a work in progress, but it’s our work of progress. It’s a big deal building your own home, it’s overwhelming, stressful, heartbreaking at times but it’s ours, for us, for our children (and for the bank for a very long time too!!)


4. My Photographs

I don’t have an overabundance of photographs on display but I do have some very special ones. My Mam & Mr. Simply Homemade’s Mam & Dad have their special little places in our home. Our children weren’t fortunate enough to know their grandparent’s and we feel it’s important that they know as much as we can share with them. I also have some lovely family photo’s too of course and a huge lidded basket sits on my landing that is full to the brim with photograph albums.

5. My Laptop

That probably sounds a little materialistic, which I’m not…honest. My laptop represents my writing. This space here, my blog. I don’t refer to myself as a writer, I never have done, I write a blog. However, as I was speaking about this post with Mr. Simply Homemade, he mentioned my writing. He thinks of me as a writer, perhaps he is right. I was always writing during my childhood, I relished essay homework, during my teen years I kept journals and into my 20’s I always had a diary at hand. This was something I let go until this year when I bought myself the most stunning journal which I am absolutely loving. I would probably place the journal here with my laptop. Both play host to my words, my written work.


Thank you for inviting me to take part in this linky Fionnuala, I have really enjoyed this post.


18 thoughts on “five things that say ‘Me’

  1. Oh Nicola, this is lovely. So heartfelt! I am really pleased you liked the linky.
    How great that your husband knows you so well that he picked mostly the same items you did.
    Where did you get your locket? It is such a lovely idea!

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  2. A beautiful post, I struggled to find things because I am not particularly materialistic either. I love your locket, I have one in my post but it isn’t as well thought out as yours. I love photographs and cook books too. It is a great linky that really makes you stop and think, I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything ha! x #FiveThingsThatSayMe

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