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At Our Table – #weekindinners

Sinéad over at Bumbles of Rice  runs a great series called Week In Dinners, where she shares what her family have eaten for a week, and invites her readers and fellow bloggers to do the same. It’s a brilliant idea and provides great inspiration. It’s also a great opportunity to have a good look at what we’re dishing up over a week.


Here’s our latest #weekindinners.


Marinaded Sea Bass with Asparagus, Kale & Baby Potatoes


We’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more fish, we don’t eat enough of it at all. I’m not the most confident cooking fish, and I’m so wary of bones when it comes to giving it to the children. However, it’s good for us, so we’ll get over those little hurdles. We all love Sea Bass, so I marinaded the fillets and pan fried them in a little butter that evening, served them up. The fairy wasn’t well so didn’t have any, the Cuddlemonster declared the asparagus as yocky, the boy only at the fish and potatoes, the rest of us had everything….I think! Or maybe the tween didn’t have the asparagus either, I can’t actually remember!


Minestrone Soup


Tuesday is a busy day with Tin Whistle Club and Hip Hop classes so we generally have soup and rolls/sandwiches or a one pot dish. This week, having never made it before, I served up Minestrone Soup. It went down like a lead balloon. The fairy still wasn’t well so wouldn’t even entertain it, the Cuddlemonster pushed it away and just had soda bread as did his big brother. The two girls, Mr. Simply Homemade and I had some of it, but in all honesty, it wasn’t great! The flavour was ok, but it just didn’t float our boat. (It’s at times like this you must wonder how I possibly blog about food!)


All wasn’t lost, there were pancakes.


Oh Wednesday! Luckily, for Wednesday I had left Chilli out of the freezer (recipe here, delicious, always make this version) The plan was to do rice and homemade chips with this, but when I went to turn on the tap at lunch time we had no water…..disaster. With no sign of it coming back, a couple of phone calls later; one to sort the dinner, one to sort the water; meant we were having oven chips and the water was back in time to wash the saucepan! The children were delighted, the parents less so; but we did have clean plates all round.



Thursdays dinner was my favourite of the week, we had a seafood salad. I almost forgot to take a photo. It was absolutely delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking back to it! There’s smoked salmon, salmon sensation and prawns that Mr. S/H picked up from the fishmonger that morning………lipsmackingly good!



Fridays dinner was an alternative lasagne, made with courgettes, greek yoghurt and turkey mince. The recipe can be found here, it’s from Roz Purcell. You may have even seen a video for it do the rounds on Facebook. There is no denying this is a healthy dish, however,  once plated, there was no making this look pretty, some (Mr. S/H in particular!) found that a little off putting. The yogurt/parmesan mix added a definite tang, perhaps a spoon of honey or something in the sauce to take from that would work. While 4 out of the 7 of us ate it, only 2 of us said we would give it a go again, so with that in mind we probably won’t!


I completely forgot to take a photo of Saturdays dinner. We had homemade chips, chicken, salad (salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, spring onion), a bowl with grated cheese and wraps. For meals like this I just lay everything on the table and everyone helps themselves to what they want. I find these dinners go down really well and there’s little to no waste.


Mr. Simply Homemade took charge of Sunday’s dinner, he cooked steak with mushrooms, onions and dauphinoise potatoes. It was delicious. The boys and fairy had sausages, until the fairy tasted the steak and decided she preferred that.


Looking back at our meals for the week, they weren’t so bad, the children definitely need to be eating more veg though, so I need to work on that.

To read Bumbles of Rice most recent #weekindinners, click her image above or here.

To see more of what we eat in at the Simply Homemade table follow me on Instagram, @simplyhomemadenicola and Facebook, Simply Homemade



3 thoughts on “At Our Table – #weekindinners

  1. What a great week in dinners, thanks for sharing. I find looking back on the week really helpful to see what we actually eat, and vegetables are an issue for two of mine too so I try to get them into them any way that I can. I love that others try out new dinners and they are met with derision too, it makes my wasted efforts seem less frivolous.

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