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Instagram Highlights Week 2

I’m still snapping away with my photo challenge, #simplyfeb16, here’s a flavour of the latest selection.

As per my previous round up, we have had photos of lots of lovely little people, I won’t be sharing those here as I feel it is not my place to share photo’s of other people’s children, nor could I possible choose one child over another!


Day 8 – Nature


L-R @ladynicci, @christopher.matthew, @october.daisie, @tattooedmumsy95

Day 9 – Snack


L-R @londonswedemaitred, @jillo_properfud, @marybarrettgardiner, @officemum

Day 10 – Soft


L-R @life_on_hushabye_farm, @anew.heather.kay.yogie, @fitslimhealthy, @musingschatterings

Day 11 – Scent


L-R @three_sons_later, @londonswedemaitred, @savagecakes, @arielhouse

Day 12 – Red


L-R @looking_for_blue_sky,, @c_dyplin, @daisydoll69

Day 13 – Happy


L-R @mum_i_am, @paulaskitchentable, @zbupe@musingschatterings

Day 14 – Heart


L-R @officemum, @chirpslittleredhen,, @life_on_hushabye_farm

Day 15 – Breakfast


L-R @londonswedemaitred, @em.lou.mar, @marybarrettgardiner, @mum_i_am

Huge thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, I hope you’re all enjoying it. If you’re not taking part and you’d like to, feel free, it’s never to late to join in and you are under no obligation to post a photo every day, I’m not mad about rules!  🙂

1. 16.2. 17



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