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Mama, Mommy, Mammy, Mother!!

My children are all very different, different personalities, different people. That is natural of course and a good thing. One particular area in which their differences are highlighted is in how they address me.


My eldest girl progressed from calling us Mammy & Daddy to Mam & Dad, nice and straightforward.

Them, along came the next girl….for Mr. Simply Homemade she has kept it pretty straightforward too, he’s Dad most of the time, Daddy when she wants something. Now, for me it’s a different story, but I think I have it worked out:

Maaaammy: She wants something

Mum: She’s being daft, it could lead to trouble, but a look from me and a ‘Sorry Mum’ and it’s grand.

Mama: She’s tired and needs a cuddle.

Mam: Normal chit chat.

MAAAAM!!! (accompanied by some fierce stomping): She’s angry and argumentative!

Mother: When she’s questioning.

Quite a list, I am open to correction, but I am fairly sure now I have figured it right.

Our first boy has kept it straightforward too, started as Mammy & Daddy, now we’re Mam & Dad.

Then, along came the fairy girl, she is following in the footsteps of her long list sister, her Daddy is her Daddy, that has yet to change, perhaps it won’t. I am as follows:






I have yet to figure out the why’s and when’s with my littlest girl, she has been known to use all of the above in one conversation.

My cuddlemonster, the last of my brood, he calls Mr. Simply Homemade Daddy or if they’re playing he can be heard saying, Daaaad! He calls me Mammy, Mammy, Mammy, (I won’t forget son, I won’t forget), Mam or Mom.

Me, I call myself……..feck, I’ve forgotten my name!!

Do your children all call you different variations of the same thing? Have you forgotten your own name?? Have I completely lost my identity (or my mind!)???


3 thoughts on “Mama, Mommy, Mammy, Mother!!

  1. I was “Mama” to my eldest for a long time but then became “Mammy”. My middle son calls me ” Mammy” too but “Ma-maaaaa” when he is calling me from upstairs. The youngest calls me “Mammy” too, usually repeated three to four times at a go.
    As for my own name, I rarely hear it since The Bavarian calls me “Schatz” (treasure).

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  2. My eldest calls me Mam, my middle Mam but stuck with Mama till he was nearly four, and my small girl says Mam when she’s talking to me, “my mammy” when she’s talking about me or mammmmmeeee when she’s sees me come home from work ❤️❤️❤️

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