The Simply Homemade Mum

The Jumbo Breakfast Roll

What??!! I hear you shriek but don’t panic,  it’s ok; I haven’t lost my mind! This is the only time you will ever hear me mention *that* roll. It isn’t usually my cup of tea, however the roll in question here is a beast of beauty I think you’ll agree.

jumbo breakfast roll

This big sexy sausage will represent Wexford with great pride this coming Sunday, 5th June, in the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Cork.

Red Bull Soapbox Race is an international event in which amateur drivers race homemade soapbox vehicles. Each hand-made machine is fuelled by nothing but sheer courage, the force of gravity and perhaps a little Red Bull. This unique, non-motorised racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.
Red Bull has held more than 100 soapbox races around the world since the first one in Brussels in the year 2000 – from Australia to South Africa, Ireland to St. Louis, Jamaica to Italy. Held previously in Cork and Belfast, this will be the fourth time the international race has taken place in Ireland. Over the years, vehicles have ranged from realistic replicas to anything the imagination can conjure up. Previous designs have included a piano, a giant baby carriage, a rodeo clown, a massive corn on the cob, a jail cell and the Golden Gate Bridge. – Red Bull Soapbox Race

As you all know, I am a supporter of all things Wexford, but this one is extra special as my brother in law (almost!) is part of the team behind this meaty mighty machine.

The team, inspired by the pilot’s love of the Irish phenomenon that is the Breakfast Roll, have worked their puddin’s off over the last few months and built this wondrous dream machine.

Part of the competition requires a little bit of help in the form of a vote. It literally takes two seconds, just click the link scroll down a bit and hit vote. That’s it, simple and very much appreciated.

They have garnered alot of support so far, including that of the original Breakfast Roll enthusiast, none other than Pat Shortt!

With the countdown now on, the test run complete, all that is left is for team #JumboBreakfastRoll to do is gather votes, get the roll to Cork without losing an egg and win on Sunday!

Best of luck Nigel, Mark, Dwayne, Myles & James; may your breakfast roll dreams come true!!


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