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The Power of the Written Word

I like to read a nice positive quote or a quote that resonates with me. As I get older especially, I have come to really appreciate the power behind something.

If we read something often enough, we can learn to believe it. I have been trying very hard, more so in the last six months I think, to see the positive in situations, to put a positive spin on things, to believe that in times of hardship all is not lost.


Any of you who follow my Instagram account will have seen that I often post ‘Body Positive’ quotes. These are always well received and many followers have thanked me for posting them. When they’ve been having a bad day and feeling pretty crap about themselves, they’ve read them just at the right time. For me too, they have been instrumental in helping me overcome serious body image issues.

I think one of my favourite quotes of all time the one below, this carries such an important message for me.

I lost my Mother far too soon, far too young. Blinded by grief you wonder how you will ever smile again, get through a day without crying a thousand tears, simply live; but you do, you get through that storm.


I think it’s good to remind ourselves and others to be mindful. None of us know what a person is really going through. There’s a person scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, not communicating, not looking for anything in particular, feeling guilty for wasting time but too tired to do anything else. Then they read something positive shared by someone who had a crap day the day before. They decide to get dressed, a small step but a step none the less. We must never, ever underestimate the power of the written word.

Do you have a favourite quote? A saying that resonates deeply with you or a little line that can bring a smile on a sad day? I’d love to hear it if you do.




6 thoughts on “The Power of the Written Word

  1. I love quotes, and therefore this post. When I was a competitive swimmer I’d a poster over my bed. On it was a basket filled with bright red apples and on the top a white onion. The quote was “You don’t get to the top by being like everyone else”
    In my everyday world my favourite is “If you change nothing, nothing changes”

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