Art/Craft for Children

♥ Tree of Hearts ♥

It would seem I have a child who likes to decorate trees. She was responsible last year for our very first Easter Tree. 2017 has seen the arrival of our tree of hearts for Valentines Day.


In fairness, these little things are super quick, easy to make and add a lovely splash of colour which is rather cheery.


I had picked up a garland in Dealz recently so that worked perfectly to make the hanging hearts. Alternatively, you could cut out some paper or card hearts and use thread to hang them on the branches.


I cut the ribbon for the garland into smaller sizes and using glue dots attached them to the felt hearts.


We retrieved a couple of small branches from the garden then added them to a small jar which we had wrapped in pink tissue paper and secured with twine.


It really is the simplest of things that bring big smiles to small faces. My little one told me she was very happy with this; what more can I ask for??

I was not asked to mention Dealz or any of their products in this post, I am however happy to share where I purchase items that are good value and I feel may be of interest to my readers.


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