What Caught My Eye

What Caught My Eye #8

Good morning, how are you all?? I’ll be honest, I am miserable. A head cold grabbed hold of me last Thursday evening and is clinging on, refusing to let go. Having had a couple of busy days, my Sunday will be spent willing this cold with all my might, to feck off and leave me alone!!

I did smile when I saw 9 Illustrations That Perfectly Summarise What It’s Like Being A Woman, this is me!

A good muffin recipe is essential in my kitchen, they regularly feature in the lunchboxes, this Maple Sweetened  Banana Muffin from Cookie+Kate is next on my try list.

Have you ever wondered how much your childhood toys are worth now? Lots! Get rummaging for those My Little Pony and Cabbage Patch dolls!!

Apparently, an Ingredient in red wine ‘can slow ageing of the brain’. I’m sure much more research needs to be done on this particular study, the scientists may even need volunteers……mmm….are you thinking what I’m thinking??

This week we celebrated the women of the world, thousands took to the streets and marched for women, it was just heartwarming and powerful to see. Here are some Wise Words of The Women of Ireland, not only wise but powerful & shocking too; (Moira Mahon in particular)

How would you cope with premature greying, this lady started going grey at 18 and now, at the age of 38 she just goes with it instead of constant colouring. Fair play to her I say!

This last piece I have today is invaluable! It has 14 Genius Tricks To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home & Garden!! I’ve bookmarked as I do live in hope that we will eventually get some warmer weather this year and with the good we have the bad, ie flies! I cannot abide the dirty little feckers!!

Now, I’m off for a rest, happy Sunday!



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