The Simply Homemade Mum


My girl is now five.

She is smart, she is strong, she is funny.
Her smile is infectious, it lights up the room.
She adds colour to the dullest of days,
A breath of fresh air in the warmest sunshine.
She laughs and plays, her giggles are contagious.
She is little but fierce, brave and feisty too,
With the kindest heart and strongest hugs.
She gets tired, hot and bothered,
Cross, you might say, but she knows best!
She is my girl, she is a big girl she is five.


And even though my girl is growing,
It is important for her to know,
When she falls I will pick her up.
If she cries I will dry her tears.
When she’s nervous I will hold her hand.
When she’s weary I will hold her close.
When she needs me I will be there
And when she doesn’t, I’ll still be there,
Just like her sisters, and her brothers too.
I am her Mom and she is my girl.
My girl who is now five.


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