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August Reads

Books, though I didn’t read many, were a welcome distraction for me in August. I’m hoping now the kids are back in school I can indulge my love of reading a little more as my ‘to be read’ list is getting longer all the time!

The Things We Do For Love by Róisín Meaney

Audrey Matthews decides to hold a Life Drawing for Beginners Art class, not knowing if anyone will show up. However, luck is on her side and very soon she has her class who know next to nothing about each other at the beginning but by the end of their six weeks with Audrey we realise how interwoven their lives have become.
This was a lovely, easy to read book. I enjoy Róisín Meaney’s writing, she has a wonderful knack of portraying varying emotions for each of her characters.

Anyone for Me? by Fiona Cassidy

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Ruby Ross is headstrong, feisty and not afraid to go after what she wants, in particular if it means protecting her own. Ruby is adopted and while her focus should probably be on her forthcoming wedding to Luke, instead she is distracted by a need to find her birth mother.
Her journey takes us on many roads, through many battles. Along the way we meet a flamboyant wedding planner, come to battle over her Mum Isobel’s cottage, weep as we await the results of best friend Frankie’s health scare, are in awe of Luke’s patience and have some laugh out loud moments too.

The House of Secrets by Sara Manning

Every home has a story to tell . 

Zoe and Win, in an attempt at a fresh start following a very personal tragedy, buy a new house. The house, built in 1936 but never lived in, homes a suitcase in a wardrobe upstairs.
Zoe becomes fascinated with the suitcase and it’s contents. She finds a diary which belonged to a woman called Libby and the more she reads the more Zoe feels a connection with Libby.
Whilst the move was supposed to be part of the healing process for Win & Zoe the cracks actually get bigger. Will they be able to save their marriage and will Zoe discover what happened to Libby?
I highly recommend you read this cracker of a book and find out!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all of the books I mention in these monthly posts are bought and paid for by myself.


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