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What Caught My Eye #25

It’s quite a few weeks since I did this post. I haven’t been browsing the web much. Personal life took over for a while, as is natural. However, it’s here this week for your reading pleasure, so sit back, relax and read on.

Enrobed in Tranquility, now that is a perfect description for Monart, the review featured on The Taste will give you a longing for the serene.

I enjoyed reading 15 Ways to Raise the Vibrations of Your Home, it’s a very interesting piece and we could all benefit from adopting some of the practices.

It was refreshing to read this article, Think Weight Loss Is About Calories? This Doctor Disagrees. Weight loss is not as straightforward as reducing calories for many people, personally, I think we’d be far better off focusing on nutrition and being the healthiest version of ourselves that we can be. We are all so much more than numbers.

I love the Art in Life, so many fabulous ideas, including charming porch decorating ideas. I’d love to spruce up the area around my front door, there are lots of inspirations here.

This post, Big Skies, No Toys,  from Fionnuala at Three Sons Later was beautiful and relatable. My own children love exploring the beach, having adventures, roaming for ‘treasure’.

These ‘Back to School Cake Bars’ are ideal for the school lunchboxes; and morning tea, coffee mornings, an afternoon treat or a picnic too!

I thoroughly enjoy reading, as do all of my children. Sara has some great suggestions in the ‘The Books I Devoured This Year’, she has similar taste to my daughter and I have bought books for her that she enjoyed based on Sara’s reviews in the past.

Finally, I want to share  ‘The Empty Room’, it is simply a beautiful piece of writing.


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7 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye #25

  1. Thanks so much Nicola. I’ve received so much lovely feedback on the cake bars. I will have a read of these other blog posts later once my gang are gone to bed. Xx

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