What Caught My Eye

What Caught My Eye #32

Where is time going? It’s November!! The evenings are dark, I’m lighting my stove every day, I’m knitting and reading. This morning I’m on the radio (Beat Fm The Sunday Grill)! Tonight we’re going to the fireworks. This week has been a good week. To top it off, here’s a flavour of what I’ve read online this week.

I read It’s Windy Out There last Monday week as I sat with a cuppa, flicking through different things, not really concentrating, until this. I found it so incredibly moving & beautifully written.

Did you see the photograph from the Bulmers orchard following Hurricane Ophelia? It is a stunning image.

I think many women would benefit from reading 7 Myths About Hormones We Should Debunk Right Now. I say that as someone who lives every day with hormones that are out of whack!

Simple Things have this no-nonsense guide to plant-based eating. Personally, I don’t like to label myself as any one thing but I haven’t eaten any meat since since February and have been mostly plant-based since September. I definitely feel better for it.

Karen over at Yankee Doodle Paddy is hosting #30DaysofGratitude over on Snap Chat (@blissbakery) for November again. This is the most rewarding challenge to be a part of. Find out more about it here and join in, it’s never too late!

I love not just the recipe for vegan tomato soup in this post but also the raw honesty surrounding those early days of motherhood.

The last piece I want to share with you this week will make your heart swell, the girl who lived is now 21 years old. Her Mum is as inspiring as B herself, their smiles light up screens on many a dull day. Happiest of birthdays to B.


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