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A Bowl For Every Season

A bowl?? Yes, a bowl. We have inadvertently ended up with what we now call our Seasonal Bowl. It came about as a result of Miss Abbie gathering pine cones and conkers last Autumn because she wanted a Nature Table like they had in playschool.

three in a row
Preparing for Summer

I picked up a lovely bowl sometime last year, I can’t even recall where I bought it. I saw it, thought it was pretty and would look nice on our table. The aforementioned pine cones and conkers were left in the bowl.

The Bowl

Following on from this, the festive season saw the bowl welcome some fragrant dried oranges. These stayed until Easter when we had great fun dyeing egg shells and needed somewhere for those to reside.


The other day Caoimhe asked me when we were going to change the bowl again. In all honesty, this wasn’t something that had even crossed my mind and I questioned what she meant!! The seasonal bowl she said. We couldn’t keep Easter decorations in it for the Summer. She suggested we gather ‘beach treasure’ for it and so this morning that’s what we did, or as Miss Abbie said, ‘Lets get some ‘She Shells’ Mom’!!

The children took this task quite seriously and absolutely loved roaming the beach gathering treasure, as the little ones called it.

‘She Shells’

I love the fact that despite being very particular about what they gathered, they included many shells that one may deem imperfect. According to Miss Abbie, these were jewels and herself and Caoimhe are contemplating turning these into jewellery. Isn’t that wonderful?

Beauty in imperfection – my favourite pieces

Do you keep a Seasonal Bowl or table, an area you change seasonally? I’d love to hear about if you do.


4 thoughts on “A Bowl For Every Season

  1. Lovely idea and especially nice as the children chose what represented the seasons 🙂 We have a contorted willow branch that we decorated at Christmas, and then changed at Easter, so I guess that is our equivalent, but it is still waiting for its Summer makeover!

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