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A Christmas Candle Craft

Yesterday I got crafty with a napkin and a candle. The result was super impressive. I shared it on Snapchat and got a wonderful response to it, so here it is. I’m not sure what you’d call it; decoupage maybe?? I saw it online ages ago. Naturally I cannot remember where  but if anyone is familiar with it, do please let me know as this is not my idea, it is completely inspired by another.

What you need: christmas-candle

Plain candle


What you do:

Separate the napkin, keeping the patterned piece.


If you wish have letters, names, shapes etc to have on your candle cut them from the patterned layer of the napkin.

Light the tealight and hold the hollow side of the spoon over the heat. The spoon gets quite hot quickly so be careful!


Hold the napkin over the candle and using the back of the spoon, the curved side, then press the napkin onto the candle with the spoon. The napkin will attach to the wax and once it feels just like the candle it’s done. This takes no time at all.


And that is it! It really is that simple and the result is beautiful.


I think these would make lovely gifts. A table centerpiece for any occasion would be easy to achieve or even a personalised candle for a birthday or other special occasion (I *may* be getting well ahead of myself with these suggestions!!)

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