A D'Lush Breakfast

It was my birthday yesterday so Mr. Simply Homemade very kindly decided to treat me (and him!) to breakfast. We went to Café D’Lush which is situated on Common Quay Street in Wexford (opposite the Bank of Ireland, down from the Bullring)

Café D'Lush
Café D’Lush, Common Quay Street (Image Credit: Café D’Lush)

The kids were at school in record time as we were so looking forward to our breakfast date in this newly opened eatery, sister to Café D’Lush in Wexford Arts Centre which we are already familiar with; the cakes are delicious! Having recently been awarded with a certificate for the 2nd Best Breakfast in Ireland by listeners to the Weekend Breakfast with Alison Curtis on Today Fm, it was a no brainer as to where we’d go really.

D'Lush Breakfast
So well deserved. (Image Credit: Café D’Lush)

The decor of the new café is lovely, crisp yet relaxed, and just like the Arts Centre, you can see down to Wexford Quay. It’s a lovely spot to relax over a cuppa at anytime of the day.


There is a lovely selection of breakfasts on offer. Mr. Simply Homemade went for the full Irish, opting for poached eggs and brown toast. He was well impressed. The food was cooked to perfection and superb quality.

I had the pancakes with fruit, yogurt and maple syrup. My word, they were so good. The portion was extremely generous and they were the lightest, fluffiest pancakes I’ve sampled anywhere.


As always, the coffee of course, was really good. And it’s worth mentioning too that the coffee in D’Lush, as well as being great on flavour, it’s great on price too!


There was not one thing I could find fault with for my birthday breakfast, it was thoroughly enjoyable. I should also give credit to the staff (in both café’s) they are genuinely lovely, extremely friendly and a credit to D’Lush.

The lunch specials for Café D’Lush are posted daily on their Instagram and Facebook pages, along with many photos of mouthwatering food. If you’re in Wexford, pay them a visit, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re visiting Wexford, put a visit to them on your things to do list, it may well be one of the highlights of your trip to our lovely county.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to review Café D’Lush, nor do I know anyone associated with Café D’Lush. This was a birthday treat and Mr. Simply Homemade paid for our food.


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