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A Gingerbread House

I’ve never made a gingerbread house. The children have often asked and it has always been put on the long finger. I wouldn’t be a straight line sort of person and all that cutting things out has put me off. I was flicking through a recent booklet from Lidl and what caught my eye?? A gingerbread house kit! Great, brilliant stuff, so this year we’re having a gingerbread house.


The kit which cost €6.99 comes complete with a base, walls and roof for the house, various sweets and some festive decorations. All you need is cocktail sticks, icing sugar and an egg white.


The house is simple enough to assemble, the instructions do suggest trimming the pieces to straighten up the edges, I didn’t do this, the kids were eager to get decorating so we opted for the rustic look.

The icing

The icing is simple to make, beat the egg white and add the icing sugar a little at a time, the box suggests 350g, I only used 200g, so don’t be tempted to add it all at once. You’ll know if you need more as you go along.

Place the front, back and sides on the base and hold in place with the cocktails sticks, this is definitely a two-man job! Do the same with the roof and chimney. Then pipe the icing around all the joining pieces to hold it all together. The children all found the piping difficult as the icing is quite stiff, though the older ones did do a bit. Using the decorations, they adorned the house with all sorts of jewels and festive delights……okay sweets and sugar Christmas decorations 😉

PicMonkey Collage
Working together

It can be a difficult task getting the five children to do things together, but they all really enjoyed making this and were all very proud of their efforts. Mr. S/H did question the crookedness of the construction but we were quick to tell him that was part of the charm and was clearly supposed to appear that way!

PicMonkey Collage
Gingerbread charm!

Now when I bought this, it was purely for the crafting aspect of it, not the taste, but insist on tasting it they did. The kids liked it, they’re not normally allowed sweets like the ones in this, so that was part of the attraction and they all thought the gingerbread tasted nice, Mr S/H tasted the gingerbread too, being a man of good taste (see what I did there 😉 ) he didn’t find it too pleasing on the palate! It really wasn’t bought for eating though so this isn’t something that matters to me. It brought my children together for a while to do something nice; which is much more important.

A rustic Gingerbread House
A rustic Gingerbread House

These gingerbread house kits can be bought in Lidl stores throughout the country for €6.99. If you’re looking for an activity to partake in with your children that they will find fun and isn’t to taxing, I would happily recommend it!

I was not asked to provide a review of Lidl’s Gingerbread House Kit, it is simply my honest opinion of something my children really enjoyed doing.

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