A Letter to Myself

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13th June 2000

Dear Me,

It is Tuesday evening, 13th June 2000. Very soon you will be going to hospital where your pregnancy will be induced. You are more than two weeks overdue now. I know you are feeling very anxious but try not to worry. There will be some scary moments but you will be fine, your baby will be perfect. Very soon you will be a mother, very soon you will meet your first baby, very soon your life will change forever and I have some words of advice for you.

Be strong, let your voice be heard. You can do this, you will do this. You are important, your voice counts.

Don’t listen to all of the ‘advice’. Trust your instincts and follow them. When advice is unwanted, say thank you and move on.

Hold your baby, as often as you like, for as long as you like. You cannot spoil a baby, or a child, or anyone for that matter, with love. Always, always, always show your love for your child.

Baby will cry; fact. She needs to communicate, to voice her needs. Crying is the only way she knows how. Answer her cry, always.

Look after you, please. You are the most important person in your baby’s life. You need to be rested, to be loved, to be cared for and nourished. Say yes to help, answer your tears, vent your frustrations, don’t bottle anything up.

Treasure your own Mum, it pains me to tell you, you won’t have her for very much longer; hard to believe I know. Have all the chats, play together with your daughter, allow her to have all the cuddles, spend time together, as much as you can.

Your body will change; it has created life, it has too. Love it, mind it, it will be with you on many wonderful journeys and carry you through horrendous heartache. Nourish it, you only get one, it is yours to love, so love it.

Your relationship will change. Don’t panic! It will flourish, becoming parents strengthens the bond between you. Don’t ever take each other for granted, you are very fortunate.

You will face many challenges over the next 16 years but you will get through them. When they tell you will struggle to become parents for a second time, it is true, you will however, trust me. It will happen, and again very soon after.
When you are told that there definitely won’t be anymore than three babies for you, accept that and count yourself extremely lucky. Then capture the memory in your mind like a photograph when you discover baby number four is on her way (oops, yes a little girl!) And number five is there too, quite soon after (well I did say your relationship would flourish!!)

I think this next piece of advice is very important, so hear me and listen, take this in. Enjoy being a Mother. You will always do your best for your children, make sure and enjoy it too. Make memories, lots of memories. Your children won’t remember designer clothes, they’ll have no recollection of clean floors. They will remember making chocolate soup from sand and stones, painting their fingertips to make secret gifts for their Dad, running free on the beach on a windy day with wellies full of water and little feet sloshing, picnics with sausage rolls, baking cookies for Santa and twirling around on Dad’s work chair. All free, all special, all memorable, all important.

Tomorrow you will feel like you have never felt before. Tomorrow you will welcome the most precious gift of all time. Tomorrow you will become Mum.

Love to you lady,
Me x

11 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself

  1. What a lovely letter and recollection of sixteen years of mothering. I particuarly loved your final reminder, that ‘tomorrow you will feel like you have never felt before.’ That is a part of pregnancy, birth and motherhood no one can ever describe.
    Happy Birthday to your eldest ‘baby.’

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