A Round Up of #betterbreakfasts

I hosted my first ever linky back in June, A Healthy Start-#betterbreakfasts; where I invited fellow bloggers to share their healthier alternatives to breakfast cereal.


Can I say a huge big thank you to everyone who linked up, you have all provided me with a wealth of breakfast inspiration.

In case you missed it I am now going to share links to all the delicious breakfasts that were shared, so get yourself  lovely cuppa, grab a notebook and pen; and prepare to be inspired!

Awfully Chipper shared Apricot Breakfast Muffins. Muffins are great for a busy morning breakfasts, bake them when you have a few minutes, pop them in the freezer and just leave them out the night before. Absolutely no preparation the following morning, up, eat, out…..brilliant!!

Glitter Mama Wishes spoiled us with two delicious recipes, No Bake Cereal Bars and Two Ingredient Pancakes. Shop bought cereal bars are awash with sugar but not this recipe, I have these marked as a definite to make! Again these can be made in advanced and grabbed easily on a busy morning, packed with porridge oats, dates and using only natural sweetener in the form of nutritious honey, these really are a great option. We are huge fans of pancakes in our home, though I must confess I don’t keep two ingredient pancakes to just two ingredients!! I add in some oat flour, I prefer the end result and find them easier to cook.

One Yummy Mummy provided a wonderful High Fibre Breakfast Loaf recipe that is jam packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. With no added refined sugar and a wealth of goodness, this is one I cannot wait to test on the Simply Homemade gang.

Now, I don’t think one can have enough granola recipes, I love it. Thyme To Eat shared this gorgeous Crunchy Paleo Granola, it’s a fab recipe containing all the things I love, if I could only eat it from the screen……

I love Sourdough Bread, however, it is one of few breads I have never made myself. Sours of Grain makes the most delicious sourdough and wonderful varieties of it like the Cocoa & Hazelnut Sourdough With Honey Toffee he contributed to #betterbreakfasts. This bread is the ultimate treat of this collection and is another reason why I really must give sourdough bread a go!

We had another delicious granola recipe from the lovely Where Wishes Come From, or as it is called in her home, Mama Brekkie (too cute!) With lots of serving suggestions and a photo that depicts summer in a bowl, it is one to add to your breakfast menu for sure.

Office Mum shared a lovely savoury breakfast, creatively called The Bacon & Egg Thingy, and it include a personal favourite of ours, Soda Bread. The bonus with this recipe is the movie clip at the end of it, curious??? Check out the Breakfast Club.

When the warmer weather descend upon us, porridge doesn’t hold the same appeal. Only Chick in the House shares some lovely alternatives to porridge for summer time, have a look at them here.

Bumbles of Rice served up a wonderful array of breakfast delights, from the Blueberry Pancakes will have your mouth watering to the Banana Bread, which is another firm favourite on our menu. Have a look at Better Breakfasts & A Healthier Start, where you will find the full selection and links to all the lovely recipes.

Dairy Free Kids shared some gorgeous smoothie recipes, one which contains a hint of cucumber, that is most definitely on my list to try, I’m sure I could add that to the kids smoothies without telling them. They’d get extra goodness without the flavour being compromised, win/win.

When I saw The Busy Mama’s contribution to #betterbreakfasts, Potato, Chorizo, Onion & Cheese Frittata, I initially wondered how early does she get up! However she’s far more organised, this gorgeous dish can be prepared the night before and reheated quickly the following morning, it is a wonderfully healthy, well balanced and adaptable breakfast. My grill is currently broken (disaster!!), as soon as it’s repaired I’ve had a request from Mr. Simply Homemade for this breakfast.

Three Sons Later gave us a look at their German/Irish breakfasts, a truly inspiring feast. Packaged breakfast cereals do not feature on their breakfast table at all, something I long to be able to say one day. I can’t not mention the delicious Sweet Yeast Plait, what a treat. Do head over and spoil yourself with A Little Look At Breakfasts.

There you have it, a wealth of wonderful recipes to help you and us, and everyone on their way to #betterbreakfasts.

15 thoughts on “A Round Up of #betterbreakfasts

  1. Well done. Great idea for a linky and some wonderful recipes there. I’m always on the look out for alternative recipes to entice my fussy eating teenager to eat breakfast! Believe it or not there’s very little here he’d try. Except muffins. We do like muffins….x

  2. Super idea for a linky. I am forever trying to come up with new healthy breakfast ideas. Will be bookmarking this page for next time I’m stuck!

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