A Smooth Start

While I do like a bowl of porridge in the mornings, it’s not something I want to have everyday. I do however love smoothies and they’re seeing something of a revival of late.

This particular smoothie recipe is a delicious on it’s own or a great base for a variety of different options.

Ingredients  10899117_826047630794886_1159544268_n

1 Banana

30g Porridge Oats

50g Natural/Greek Yoghurt

15g Milled Linseed

Pinch Cinnamon

1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

250ml Water


There is no method, simply bung the ingredients into a liquidiser, blender, a jug with a hand blender and whizz it up. Pour into a glass and enjoy a wholesome start to your day.

Optional Ideas

Smoothies are so adaptable that you can add any combination of fruit and veg that you wish, play around with different combinations and see what works and which flavours you enjoy.

I have kept these ideas quite simple, feel free however to go as wild as you like!

Add some pears, they provide an extra hit of sweetness.


Packed with vitamin c, full of dietary fibre and tasty too, blueberries are a delicious addition, I omitted the vanilla and cinnamon for this one.


Use frozen mixed berries in place of fresh.


Include some green veg, increase your vegetable intake for the day. Spinach in particular is super nutritious, packed full of vitamins & minerals, it is also a source of dietary fibre and omega 3 fatty acids, what’s not to love about it.


I keep the base ingredients in my smoothies the same. Oats carry a whole host of health benefits, including being a great source of fibre, containing a high number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids; we should all make them a feature of our daily diet.

Milled linseed is something I have included as a daily part of my diet for the last couple of years, again it is an excellent source of dietary fibre and omega 3 fatty acids.

I often throw a tablespoon of chia seeds into my smoothies also, they are high in protein, fibre, loaded with anti oxidants and are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. And they’re tiny!! It just goes to show, good things come in small packages!!

What are your favourite smoothie combinations?? Do please tell me about them 🙂

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