A Snapshot of Now



In the house I’m listening to noise….lots of it! When I’m out walking I’ve been listening to various podcasts, really enjoyed a couple featuring Tarryn Brumfit or Spotify. Oh and I absolutely love Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – I’m only Human!



Riverdale on Netflix. Broadchurch was back on the telly box last night too, that was as good as ever.


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After The Last Dance – Sarra Manning; I’ve only started reading this so I can’t pass judgement as yet.


No meat! My 12 year old stopped eating meat back in January, initially, I stopped just to show her a little support, however, I haven’t eaten any since. I’m not vegetarian, I have eaten fish and will continue to do so. I wasn’t a massive meat eater anyway and I have to say I haven’t missed it at all!


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No Meat Here



Copious amounts of coffee, not enough herbal teas and an occasional glass of red wine.

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Slippers and pyjamas a lot of the time! It’s wintry and they’re cosy!


My sister’s wedding in July! The two years since her engagement have gone by in a heartbeat, it’s all getting very exciting now!



The weather, the constant mess in the house, the never ending piles of washing.


Boogie time!! Every evening the kids put on music and we dance around the sitting room…’s great fun!

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11 thoughts on “A Snapshot of Now

  1. What a lovely post Nicola. I love your photographs.
    and…Broadchurch is back?? I hate that we have no TV now. waaaaah!

  2. I’m fascinated by the no meat eating. We dont eat a lot in our hosue either but there are some things I’d miss-roast chicken being one of them. Think my body is craving healthy food though after so many months of eating crap!

    1. I’ve never been a big meat eater…..I think watching a couple of documentaries on Netflix has helped sway me a bit too. When I was a teenager my Nana had chickens so I never ate it lol! It was the same with lamb….my Grandad was a sheep farmer, my Nana would have little lambs in front of the fire in doggy beds, feeding them bottles, I couldn’t possibly even contemplate lamb even now!

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