Afternoon Tea with Friends

I was almost giddy with excitement this week!! Emily from The Nest is on holidays here, in the sunny southeast, and not just in the county, she was literally 10 minutes away from me. We could not let this week go by without meeting. Danielle from Lilliwhiterose and I have been intending to meet for some time now, so when better than when Emily was here for her holliers. We had really hoped the lovely ladies, Laura from Dairy Free Kids and Sinéad from Bumbles of Rice would be able to join us, however it wasn’t to be (we will just have to arrange more meet ups!!)


It’s never easy arrange things around the children, school runs and other activities so eventually we decided we would convene here, in the Simply Homemade home. I was delighted then the moment of realisation dawned…….what on earth do you bake for a lady who has only just won an award for her baking along with her myriad of other talents 😮  And then there’s Danielle, what if she notices my eyebrows?? Sugar, they haven’t been done in, well…..a while….I’ve been busy you see!! (These thoughts won’t be any surprise to Danielle or Emily, naturally I shared them with them…..I know!)

Right, a few deep breaths, everything would be fine…it would. I decided I would bake some cupcakes, and then just in case they didn’t turn out very well, I decided I’d make some more cupcakes; then I remembered Emily admiring some sugar free chocolate cupcakes I’d recently made so I thought, sure I’ll just make some of those too.

Ginger Cupcake filled with lemon curd, topped with lemon curd swirl buttercream
Refined sugar free Chocolate Cupcake, topped with refined sugar free chocolate frosting
Almond milk cupcake topped with lime & coconut frosting

Then looking at all these little cakes I thought I needed something else, all I’d made were cupcakes, so I threw a lemon madeira cake together, you can’t go wrong with madeira cake. My littlest people were going to be here too, Danielle had hoped to bring her little girl, affectionately known as Lillibug, so I made some shortbread biscuits.

WP_20150506_006 WP_20150506_005

The children came in from school Tuesday evening and looked at me surrounded by cakes, ‘Oh wow Mam, are these all for us?’ ‘Sorry, no they’re for my friends tomorrow’ Wide eyed, ‘How many are coming?’ ‘Mm…2’ ‘So there’ll be some left?’ Me, sounding very much like Lofty from Bob the Builder, ‘Eh…I think so’


Wednesday morning dawned and I decided to make some scones aswell, just in case, these were sugar free too and made with spelt flour, so nice and light, ideal if anyone had enjoyed a filling lunch.


I probably did go overboard on the baked goods, I always do, sure isn’t it better to have too much than too little though.


I’m always a little nervous meeting new people, I’m quite shy in real life and then the usual thoughts I’m sure most people have ramble through my head, will I be stuck for words, will I come across a bit daft, will we have things in common. Well the time for thinking stopped when the ladies arrived and I had no need to worry.

Conversation flowed, cakes were eaten, tea was drank, and time flew by. It was the most relaxed, enjoyable afternoon I’ve had in along time and I really look forward to meeting the ladies again. Abbie was still full of chat about the afternoon at story time Wednesday night, she would have melted the coldest of hearts as she spoke about Emily giving her cake and letting her play on her phone, and asking when Danielle would come again and bring her baby…. despite me explaining, she’s yet to realise that Lillibug is actually the same age as her!!

As lovely as it is to have a wide array of friends within the online community, it is simply wonderful to put fears aside, overcome shyness and meet some of them. I am delighted to have met these two lovely ladies, whim I am certain will be very good friends for a very long time.

27 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea with Friends

    1. Thank you very much, I ma thrilled to hear that re the plates in particular (I know…strange) but I did say to the ladies they had come to the home of mismatched plates……a little quirk which Emily is also very fond of……nothing like a bit of common ground from the off 😉

  1. Online connections are wonderful, but there is a real thrill in meeting ‘in real life’. I will make sure to make the next meeting if you are baking. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon Nicola. It was fantastic to meet you, your family & Emily and get to know you all. Also your baking is unreal, mum and dad loved the buns you sent me home with! See you again real soon xxx

  3. Home at last, and on an implement I can comment on easily (ie, not my dicky phone) THANK YOU for the most wonderfully memorable afternoon. I just loved meeting you, felt instant kinship, and that wasn’t just the delicious table of food and your BEAUTIFUL plates!! Love to you and your family (and especially my little fairy) Hoping to make the Sunny South East an annual event 🙂

  4. Yum that looks delicious!! Those scones sound lovely, do you have a recipe? I’d love a lighter and less sugary alternative to my regular morning treat!

      1. Yes do and let me know! There’s usually so much sugar in regular scones I feel guilty after eating a few, just to taste test obviously!

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