Ah September…..

Almost two weeks in now, children are all back in school. The dreaded lunchboxes feel like they never took a break, my purse is feeling considerably lighter as the daily requests for cold hard cash come in, we’ve settled into the homework routine – I am doing it Mam!!- I’m expecting the obligatory headlice text any day now and that of course will be swiftly followed by a stream of snotty noses and a chorus of ‘Mum I don’t feel well’

Ah September, how we’ve missed you. In all seriousness though, I don’t know about you, but every September my children pick up colds. Then of course, it’s as if they feel obliged to pass them on to me or worse still…..Mr. Simply Homemade!! He doesn’t get colds of course, no for him it’s flu, worse flu than the last time he had flu. Of course, having had flu myself on one occasion that I am never likely to forget I can tell you he has never actually had flu.

Anyway, this year, having learned from previous years, we’re sorted! The press full to the brim of plasters, remedies and bandages we’ll never need medicine cabinet has been well stocked in preparation for the months ahead.

Nurofen 3 months+ and Nurofen 6+, they are to any medicine cabinet what baked beans are to a larder, essential. They have fought off many a high temperature with great success over the years.

Nurofen cold and flu tablets, for adults and children over 12.  Nurofen Cold and Flu Film-Coated Tablets provides fast effective temporary relief of the major symptoms associated with cold and flu without causing drowsiness.

Nurofen Express, as someone who suffers headaches, I find these great! They are very effective and better still, work quickly, which as a busy mum, is what I need.

In association with Nurofen, I have a complimentary package of goodies for myself and even better, a package to give away to one lucky reader, to help prepare you for the cooler months ahead.


This package contains Nurofen Express Heat Patches which provide up to 8-hours of therapeutic heat for relief of muscular pain and stiffness of the back, neck, shoulders or other muscular areas. Mr S/H tends to suffer muscular pain which causes more hardship in the winter months, these patches are great for providing relief.

E45 Moisturising Lotion, clinically proven to reduce roughness and flaking caused by extremely dry, irritable skin. In my own experience dry skin worsens during the winter months, this cream will be my friend!

An Airwick Essential Pearls candle. I love scented candles, use them all year round and on those gloomy days they do add a touch of cosiness to any room.


If you would like to win this little selection of goodies, all you have to do is:

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Comment below and let me know that you’ve entered.

This giveaway is open to residents of Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Winner will be announced Monday 14th September.  Best of luck!!



51 thoughts on “Ah September…..

  1. I remember when you 4 year old started nursery and he was forever ill. Now my youngest is about to start nursery and my eldest just starting school on Monday. So we going to get double to colds and illnesses. Anything they get I also get so not looking forward to it.

  2. Oh god, September! I work with children and it’s an inevitability they get sick in some shape or form. Immune systems must be down after summer and suddenly everyone is packed into a bus or classroom together and gets every illness coming. Nightmare! Boiling lemon and adding in honey for colds is one of the best cures, natural and tasty, really good for clearing the head too 🙂

  3. I did a colloboration with Nurofen too and have to say the patches were great. I am in BITS with my neck now, shelling out loads for physio, but they do provide relief, along with all the drugs (!) hoping to avoid the nits for the moment!!

  4. Oh dear!! Mine aren’t at school age yet but I kind of dread it for this very reason – the back to school colds, lice and goodness what else!! I’m not sure I can handle it!

  5. That looks like a little package of sanctuary! I forgot how the little bugs creep in this time of year. Time to stock up!

  6. This reminds me that I need to pick up some nerofen! At the end of the first we already had a house full of colds and virus’s so I need to stock up on some of of this to be more prepared. I can see us being ill a lot more now the little one has started school. x

  7. I don’t have school age kids but my little fellas childminder does and kindly brought home flu/viral bug on Friday. I’m pregnant so can’t take anything stronger than paracetamol; feeling extremely sorry for myself today!!

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