An Ode to Butter

I love butter, it’s had a tough old time over the years, received an awful lot of bad press, all completely wrong of course, we now know it is super good for us, packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients. A little discussion regarding butter within the Irish Parenting Bloggers group yesterday prompted me toย pen this little ode to my beloved butter, and as I was writing this I got to thinking; we have National Potato Day, we have National Bread Week; to the best of my knowledge we don’t celebrate butter and we should, we produce the most delicious butter here in Ireland, so come on butter producers, lets have #NationalButterDay!!

An Ode to Butter

So nutritious & delicious, flavoursome & full

With you my food is never dull

Oh butter


A soft boiled egg waits in a cup

The knife, it slices off the top

Add butter


Fresh from the oven, soda bread,

Steaming, waiting to be spread

With butter


The new Carne* spuds, Summers here,

Himself is grinning ear to ear

Adding butter


No cake would taste quite as good

Nothing like it really should

Without butter


The morning scone, the mug of tea

The strawberry jam, the bit of cream

And butter


In Ireland we produce the best,

Knocking socks off all the rest

Oh butter


We celebrate our bread, we celebrate our spud

We surely should be celebrating our super good




*Carne is a beautiful seaside destination in Wexford that also produces the best new potatoes every Summer!!


14 thoughts on “An Ode to Butter

    1. I live in hope that perceptions will change Lisa, it’s such a natural product, I do have to bite my tongue when I hear people say they use low fat this and lite that with a million and one ingredients, tastes of plastic and has an artificial colour!

  1. You know how I feel about butter!! You need to add some enthusiastic moaning in a vlog clip at the end there to finish off that post perfectly ๐Ÿ˜› Your poetry skills are as brilliant as your baking!!

  2. Brilliant Nicola! There just aren’t enough poems about butter. I agree, it’s completely maligned, and is an infinitely healthier ingredient than any of the ‘spreads’ that everyone seems to use. Bring on #NationalButterDay!

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