Another Year; Another Fairy Party!

When you’re four, incredibly cute with an extremely sunny disposition and you ask for a fairy themed party; you just know don’t you? The answer will of course be yes! It really doesn’t matter that it’s not your birthday or that you made the same request the summer before and we obliged, you’re not making an outlandish plea, you are simply making  a wish.

My Fairy

In our house, a cake can mean party, so when I say we indulged my little fairy and gave in to her request for a fairy party, it was actually a very simple affair. She had her best friend to play for a couple of hours, they dressed up as fairies, ate some fairy themed food, played with fairy dolls, made some fairy themed pictures, ran about in the sunshine and bounced and giggled on the trampoline.


Naturally we had some decorations. Caoimhe made a garland from the Get Crafty book. We hung some pretty paper lanterns that I picked up in Dealz over the summer. I found this lovely pattern and knit a little string of bunting.

Fairy Party Decorations

The food was very similar. There were, as one would expect at a fairy party,  some delicious little fairy cakes adorned with colourful sprinkles.

Fairy Cakes

Then there were shortbread stars, which had a little white chocolate and some more colourful sprinkles. These were called, Fairy Wishes.

Fairy Wishes

Before baking I rolled up some rectangular shaped shortbread. When they were cooled I added some melted milk chocolate and voila…..Fallen Trees for little fairies to tip toe over!

Fallen Trees

I had some energy bites in the fridge. A little bit of reshaping, a quick dip in some melted chocolate and chocolate vermicelli and these quickly became acorns.

Acorns from the woodland floor!

Then of course there were our toadstools. These were hugely popular last year and no fairy party is complete without them. These are super quick to make. Melt some white chocolate, use a little as a glue to sit a strawberry on top of a marshmallow; then using a toothpick add some white chocolate dots to the strawberry. They really do look the part.


The fairies really did have a lovely afternoon. That evening, thoroughly exhausted and grinning ear to ear, Abbie said to me, ‘Thank you so much Mom, I can’t believe you did all of this for me’. I am sure I felt my heart squeeze. I hadn’t really done much at all but in her little mind, a wish came true.





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