April Fools Day When You’re 4!

The fairy was on form today, and enjoyed April Fools day in a way that only she could!


On waking:

‘Wake up, wake up!! It’s snowing, it’s joke day!!’

Her sister was only very mildly amused.

On eating toast:

‘This is the nicest salad you ever made Mom’
Me:’Sweetheart, you’re eating toast.’
‘I know……it’s joke day!’

On her brothers’ nappy:

‘Ew Mom, he’s so stinky!’
Me: ‘Oh, is he?’
‘Nope…’s joke day!!’

On pooing in her pull up:

In a sing song voice

‘Mom, I’ve done something in my pu-ull up’
‘Nice try, another joke?’
‘No Mom, I’ve done a POO!’

And that smell assures me she ain’t joking…..

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