Autumn Decor

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween but my children love it and see it as a great chance to decorate, dress up and eat shite sweets. I do however love Autumn and the whole atmosphere that comes with it, so with that in mind, I do get on board with the children and encourage their inner creatives.


I bought nothing only vegetables for my Autumn/Halloween decor this year. We rooted out what decorations we had from previous years and are reusing those but I have vowed to purchase no more plastic Halloween decorations and as much as I adore some of the beautiful non-plastic Autumn offerings on sale now they just weren’t within my budget this year.

I had hoped to knit more decorative pieces but between one thing and another time escaped and I didn’t get a chance but I will be top of that for next year.

I gathered up some bits and pieces from the garden to make a door hanging. It looked lovely the first day. Then Brian came, the storm, not a random man. He battered it and now instead of gracing the door, it’s sitting in a pot behind a butternut squash. I can still get a faint scent of lavender so all is not lost.


Lots of berries had hit the ground thanks to Ophelia. These added to pumpkins, a squash and a coconut became my harvest corner at the front door. I did briefly wonder where I would get some hay, but I wondered out loud and Mr. Simply Homemade through me a look, you know the one, it simply says, ‘my wife has gone completely mad’! If I had an apple tree, apples would be a nice addition to this too, but I don’t so there’s none here.

Next week we’ll carve pumpkins which will be added to the front door and then before we know it, Halloween will be over and we’ll be thinking about festive decor instead…….




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