I love October, this is the time that really signals the arrival of Autumn and with Autumn comes cooler days leading to cosy evenings, warm bowls of soup, comforting crumbles, splashes of deep orange, pumpkins, fireworks, apples and of course Halloween.


Every day the garden adopts new shade. Most of the flowers are going to sleep until their time to flourish again, although some colour still lingers.

Colours are changing fast, anticipating the arrival of the cooler days and even colder nights.

The hedgerows and trees are awash with berries; the birds and other wild life have plenty to feast on. Mother Nature taking care of her flock. Lustrous red berries gleam against still green leaves.


The children love gathering treasure to add to our seasonal bowl.

The Autumn sun hangs like a lantern, waiting for dusk to fall. Shimmering  rays accompany the the soft breeze that tickles loose leaves from the trees resulting in a crunchy blanket just waiting for small feet to run through them.

Autumn, it’s a season filled with anticipation. Days become shorter while nights become longer. Weather is cooler, the land has been harvested, the seasonal transition is in full flow and I love this time of year.






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