Baby Essentials for the 1st Year with Glitter Mama Wishes

The gorgeous Glitter Mama Wishes is running a great linky inviting fellow bloggers to share details of items they found essential in baby’s first year.

As most of you know, I have 5 children and with each baby I always discovered something I wish I’d had for my previous babies.

So, aside from the ‘big stuff’ (moses basket, cot, buggy, car seat etc)  what would I include in my ‘must have’ items?

1. Muslin Squares

I found these invaluable, particularly when I had Abbie, she suffered with dreadful reflux and would spit back most of her bottles. I had copious amounts of these, they were everywhere!! I still have some floating around actually. They are, I think, essential for all new Mums, winding babies can be unpredictable, muslins catch everything 😉


2. A Thermometer

I’ve had a thermometer since my 15-year-old was a baby, it actually got broken around the time of Abbie’s birth and I was very kindly gifted a new one. If you are looking for a gift for a new Mum & Dad, find out if they have a thermometer, it may be practical but they are also a necessity, in my opinion, and I know I was thrilled when I was gifted my current one.


3. A Chair/Bouncer

These were simply bouncers when I had my first baby 15 years ago, by the time I was having my second there was a much nicer selection, they would gently vibrate, play music etc. I had a lovely one for my second two babies, it was cushioned and comfortable, they used to be so snug in it, it survived until I had Abbie, she only got to use it for a short time however, her big brother Jack jumped on it and broke it!!!

Abbie in the same comfy chair Caoimhe & Jack used before her
Abbie in the same comfy chair Caoimhe & Jack used before her

So, the hunt was on to find a new one, one that would be comfortable for her with her reflux. I decided on a Fisher Price Woodland themed one, I have to say it was very good and both Abbie & Harry got great use out of it.



4. Bean Bag

Harry was a big baby and outgrew the baby chair quite quickly, so I bought him a bean bag, they can be quite expensive, I think his was €60, but he’s 2 now, and that bean bag is still used everyday by himself and Abbie, even the older children can be found sitting on it from time to time. For us, it was money well spent. Initially I used it for Harry to nap on, he used to get so comfortable, he really loved it.



5. Baby Gro’s/Sleepsuits

I don’t think you can ever have enough of these, I kept my little ones in them for most of the first few months. Little outfits are cute but they can be fiddly and trust me when your baby has spat back a feed or exploded past the confines of a nappy, you want quick and convenient. And perhaps it’s just me, but I just adored the cuteness of the baby gro. For me, and this probably sounds daft, the longer I kept them in baby gro’s, the longer I kept them as little babies!

6. Changing Mat & Changing Bag

Whether or not you invest in an actual changing table is very much a personal choice, but a changing mat is a must have. Now, I’m not talking about those fold away ones that come free with your changing bag, invest in a full size one. They’re cheap, wipe clean and spare your carpets/bed etc from leaky nappies!! When it comes to your changing bag, I like one with lots of pockets for the various creams you may need, nappy sacks, baby wipes, changes of clothes, nappies and room to keep bottles etc when you are out and about.

7. Clevamama ‘Clevafoam’ Pillow

This may not be seen as essential item for everyone, however, we found that Abbie would hold her head in the same position when in her cot/chair/basket/pram, a new baby’s head is very soft and this pillow ‘is the only pillow that has been scientifically proven by world-renowned university Trinity College Dublin to protect the round shape of your baby’s soft head and help reduce the effects of Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)’ Find out more here.

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

 8. Feeding Equipment

If you intend to bottle feed you will need a selection of bottles and a good steriliser. Now when it comes to bottles, given my own experience, I wouldn’t rush out and buy loads of the one kind, as I mentioned previously Abbie had dreadful reflux and I had to change her to Dr. Browne’s Bottles. Harry also had mild reflux so I replaced all of the tops and used those bottles for him also. If you intend to breastfeed, I would still suggest investing in some bottles and a steriliser, for drinks of water or if perhaps a situation arises where you need to express milk for your baby. When it comes to weaning, little plastic bowls and spoons are essential. The ‘experts’ recommend that our littlest people are using a cup for their drinks of water at 6 months, now I’m not an expert, just a Mammy, and none of mine were using a cup at 6 months, Harry was not long after but the others just couldn’t get to grips with it. When it comes to sippy cups, it’s safe to say, I think we have had every brand available, for us I found the best ones to be Nuby.

Nuby Sippy Cup Image Credit:
Nuby Sippy Cup Image Credit:

9. Teethers

Teething can be a traumatic time for both parents and baby. Along with teething gels and medicated pain relief there are other items that you can invest in to bring some relief to your teething baby. We had teethers that are kept in the fridge, great for instant relief. Sophie the Giraffe comes highly recommended, I have to be honest, we had a mixed reaction to her here; Abbie wasn’t all that bothered with her, Harry loved having a good gnaw on her legs!

Sophie the Giraffe, image credit:
Sophie the Giraffe, image credit:

10. Baby Toys

Okay, so toys are not ‘essential’ but lets face it, we will buy them! All of children had a ‘special toy’ when they were babies. This was Abbie’s, it was one of the first toys I bought for her, ‘Miss Mouse’ from Mama’s & Papa’s, as you can see I had it personalised. She still loves it and has it in bed with her every night.



What ‘must have’ items would you include for the first year?

This post is linked with Glitter Mama Wishes-Baby Essentials for the 1st Year. Click the image below to find more baby ‘must haves’.



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  1. Great list and thanks for joining!
    I did all the little outfits with my first and with the last two babies I never really bothered, it was sleepsuits all the way. So handy because they would get filthy so often during the day so they were easy to change and wash x

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