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I go through a crazy amount of containers in the Simply Homemade kitchen. I am a big fan of cooking ahead and storing things in the freezer. I don’t like waste either so there are always cling film covered bowls stacking up in my fridge. I make sauces, pesto’s, mayonnaise all of which need airtight containers for storage.

Kale Pesto in a Babypotz pot

I used to bulk buy foil containers with lids but as our family grew these weren’t really suitable and you are limited as to what you can put them in. A lot of the plastic containers I have bought haven’t been very durable and the lids have cracked in the freezer, which is very annoying, though it gives the toddlers an extra toy to play with or a new home for the endless amount of crayons that seem to find there way into the house!

Hummus in a Babypotz pot

Now I’ve discovered Babypotz. Naturally, I was sceptical, what makes these so different than any of the other storage containers I have used??

Babypotz are BPA free, which in itself, makes them a better choice over some, if not most, of the alternatives.

There is an excellent range of sizes  within the Babypotz range and you can choose how to buy them. You may like all of one size if you are perhaps at a baby weaning stage or you may prefer, like I do, a mixed range of sizes for storing everything from meals to sauces or transporting snacks for toddlers when we are out and about.

PerfectforToddler Snacks

The pots I have are a mixed set of 20 pots, 4  different sizes, that’s 5 pots each that will hold  8oz, 12oz, 16oz & 24oz. And, the lids are all the same size, which is great.

Babypotz Review
Various sizes for various sauces

I have to say, I am finding these pots extremely useful.

They have been used to store a whole host of different food items in the fridge, I have used them in the freezer for soups, Bolognese, and pasta sauces, and most importantly for this, they lids have stayed intact! They also stack on top of each other so a whole shelf of the fridge is not taken over.

Stackable, which is a great space saver

They smaller pots are great for holding fruit for the children, which is great at home or on the go.

The lids have a nice deep seal on them, avoiding any over spill and making them very secure, there is nothing like a container of soup leaking in your freezer to send you over the edge!

Deep lids mean no overspill!

They are highly durable pots, having been used in the microwave, gone through several washes in the dishwasher and possibly the most unusual use for a babypotz pot, was on my almost 2 year olds foot!! And that pot too, went back into shape, had a spin through the dishwasher and was put away….in a higher place… be used again.

The children may have ‘borrowed’ one for their crayons!!

Should you wish to find out more about Babypotz please visit, where you will also find the price listings which are very reasonable for such a quality product. I personally would highly recommend Babypotz.

I received a complimentary mixed set of Babypotz for the purpose of this review from Siobhan who also runs, ‘a cookery school from first tastes to family food’. Do check out her blog for lots of inspiration and some lovely recipes, you may even be inspired to sign up for one of her successful classes.

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