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If you know anything about me it should be this – I LOVE a bargain! I also like to share news about bargains. I was in Dealz* at the weekend and, as I always do, I was checking out the kids books. The following three caught my eye. As often happens in Dealz, they ‘fell’ into my basket!


They were such a lucky buy! These books are stunning. Lovely stories with beautiful illustrations and only €1.50** each. My two youngest children, who are 3 and 4,  are really enjoying them and we’ve read them every night since I bought them. They are far before some books that I have paid more money for over the years.

The Christmas Hat by A.J. Wood (Illustrated by Maggie Kneen)


A snow white fluffy owl, friends who care for him and a beautiful red hat for Christmas. This is a truly lovely little tale of friendship and the importance of looking out for one another. It is a delight to read to the children and they love listening to it.

The Snowman and the Christmas Fairies by Rachel Williams (Illustrated by Kim Martin)


As Christmas cheer embraces the world, a downhearted Snowman is all alone in the forest. His acts of kindness are quickly rewarded by the animals of the forest and the Christmas Fairies. This is my 3 year olds favourite of these three books. Both the story and the illustrations are beautiful.

Fawn’s Faithful Friend by Hannah Wilson (Illustrated by Stephanie Boey)


Fawn the deer and Pin the Bunny are very best friends, much to the dismay of Fawn’s father, Sir Deer. This little tale however shows us exactly how real friendship will always prevail.

I hope some of you are fortunate to get your hands on these books, I know these things go fast in Dealz. Any book loving child (and parent too) would be delighted to receive them; they’re a lovely addition to our bookshelf and enjoyable to read.

*I was not asked to mention Dealz and I bought these books myself.

**The Christmas Hat is €9.41 and The Snowman and the Christmas Fairies is €9.28 on a well known book website. (I couldn’t find Fawn’s Faithful Friend) 


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