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I had every intention of publishing this Bedroom Makeover post when the bedroom was finished. Between one thing and another, that didn’t happen. Here it is now, better late than not at all!

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The Eternal Bedroom Makeover!

This is a project I honestly thought I would never reach the end of. Our bedroom has been so long overdue a bit of TLC. A couple of years ago we pulled up the well-worn carpet, with the intention of painting the floor and freshening the room up. Then, life happened, and the room fell to the wayside, so much so, I didn’t even take before photos as I was so disheartened by it. The walls were white, that was it!

As time passed, getting this space rejuvenated has become more and more important to me. I need somewhere that is more than just a room to sleep in. This room needs to be a haven for me, a place where I can go and sit quietly. Having a large family, a place where Mr Simply Homemade and I can escape for a chat is important. Most of all we want a restful, calm space. When life becomes overwhelming, I can go, be in that moment and gather my thoughts.

With all of that in mind, I decided, I’d waited long enough. The time to get this room done had arrived. Back in January 2019, when I bought the wallpaper for the hallway, I also bought the paper for the bedroom.  The paper I chose was Emily by Albany, from Wallpaper Direct. This was where the inspiration for everything else would come from.

Some time passed following the hall being done, we were ready to start the bedroom. Being quite a large project we had to move out of the room. Our sitting room became a bit of a bedsit for the duration of this DIY!  We moved our bed and lockers down there, and everything else took up residence between the wardrobe and the landing.

Back to the Paint Hub

The Paint Hub | Simply Homemade
The children were assistants in Carlow Paint Hub for a day!

We went back to The Paint Hub in Carlow for the paint, a wealth of advice and a cuppa of course. Sandra was so much help as I wasn’t 100% certain on colours and getting this room right was so important to me.

Eventually (Sandra has the patience of a saint!) we decided on a rich green for the floor, pink for the walls and ceiling and the woodwork would be the same shade of off white that I had used in the hallway. The names of the colours being Bonsai, Peony & Coconut.

Colour Codes

Walls – Code – X337 Peony
Woodwork – Code – Y456 Coconut
Floor – Code – N448 Bonsai

I would urge anyone who is considering redecoration, renovating, upcycling furniture etc to follow Kate and the gang in the Paint Hub on Instagram, then plan your visit to Carlow.

Let Work Commence

When we had taken up the carpet, we had hired a sander and done the floor then, so prior to starting this time, I just went over any parts on the wall and floor I felt could do with a quick sanding. I started with the walls and ceiling, giving them two coats of pink paint.

Bedroom Makeover|Simply Homemade

As the woodwork had been previously painted, I didn’t prime this. Again I gave everything, including the wooden curtain poles and accessories two coats of the Coconut, off white paint.


The Painful Bit!

When it came to hanging the wallpaper, my husband and I figured this wouldn’t be too difficult as we’d papered the hallway. We were so wrong. This wallpaper gave us endless hardship. The edges just would not stick to the walls and as it dried we were left with considerable gapping in some parts where the edges met.

Bedroom | Simply Homemade

After some thought and discussion, we arrived at a plan and hoped it would be the ideal solution. Our idea was to give the wall a ‘panelled effect’. We bought some latts and despite our fears regarding unexpected expense, these were cheap as chips from DPL in Wexford. The latts were painted the same colour as the other woodwork and attached them to the wall using tacks and Tec7 (recommended by the chap in Woodies Wexford!) We had a tiny bit of filling to do where the tacks went in. There was lots of measuring and cutting, wondering would it look awful but as we stood back and looked at the finished result we were delighted with it.

The Floor

Once the walls were finished, it was time to do the floor. As the floor had previously only been home to carpet, this needed priming first. I gave it one coat of primer, on reflection, I think two would have been better.

Tikkurila Floor Paint | Simply Homemade
As the paint on the walls & woodwork, the floor paint was by Tikkurila, available in The Paint Hub, Carlow

As we were painting a dark colour onto the floor, Sandra in the Paint Hub tinted the primer grey. I primed the floor, left it for 24 hours, then applied the first coat of floor paint. In total, I gave the floor three coats of the Bonsai, leaving at least 24 hours between each one.

Bedroom | Simply Homemade
I love the trees outside the window. That view with the walls and floor just works so well.

I can’t tell you how happy we were with the finished result. We had painted our landing before with ‘recommended’ floor paint, but the finish isn’t a patch on this. The floor feels almost soft underfoot. The room is done 5/6 months now and the floor isn’t scuffing or marking at all. We are so pleased with it.

Bedroom | Simply Homemade

We’re In

We were beyond joyful to move back into the room. A new bed had been bought, new bed linen and everything else was brought back in. There are still finishing touches to be added. I would love a chair so I can relax with my books. That will come in time. For now, I am just delighted to have the space I craved.

Bedroom Makeover|Simply Homemade


Disclaimer: I was not asked to mention any company’s in this post. I bought and paid for everything used in this project myself. I have no affiliation with the Paint Hub in Carlow, as regular readers know, I will always share information that is worth knowing!


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