Blackberry Picking

The children have been watching the blackberries increasing in population on the hedgerows over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been inundated with requests to bring them blackberry picking.  WP_20140913_006We do this every year, they love it. And on Saturday, when Caoimhe asked if we could pleeease go blackberry picking today, herself and Jack whooped & cheered with delight.


WP_20140913_012      I recall blackberry picking with my mother as a child, we loved it, she would turn these hedgerow jewels into pots of jam, tarts and crumbles.

It’s a great activity to partake in with your children and creates memories that last a lifetime.


I can’t help but smile as I listen to Caoimhe and Jack declaring who has picked the biggest blackberry. The really get into it, stretching up high to see who can reach the farthest, climbing gates and getting lost among thorns and briars without a care in the world. WP_20140913_002When we came back from our jaunt Abbie & Harry were introduced to the joys of blackberry picking in the back jungle garden. WP_20140913_017

Harry was more interested in eating them and poor Abbie got stung by a nettle, she wasn’t impressed and decalred she ‘no like blackbewwies’!

I will share the recipes from the fruits of our labour over the coming week.


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