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Blurred Lines ~ Body Positivity

Adore your body, it houses the dreams and desires of your wonderful mind.

It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything regarding Body Positivity. For me it’s a journey, being honest, probably a never-ending one. Some days, when I’m in a good frame of mind, I’m ok. Truthfully, those days have been few and far between for the last while. I have read my original post on the subject numerous times, and I remember why I started this journey of acceptance.

However, bearing my own journey in mind, I have to say this, as it’s important. As I mentioned previously, I have always turned to online pieces and social media, for inspiration and a confident Body Positive mindset, but I fear the lines are becoming blurred recently.

I believe we all need to do what’s right for us. I don’t believe a larger person should be berated for wanting to lose weight. If that is what helps them feel good about themselves, that can’t be bad. When someone feels good by sharing a before/after photo, that is okay. If someone feels upset or intimidated by transformation photos, unfollow that account. We can curate our own social media feed. There are unfollow buttons, hide buttons, block buttons. We are all adults, we can choose what we see.

I don’t like diet culture, I don’t like the idea of people starving themselves to conform to societal stereotypes. In my opinion, health definitely comes in all shapes and sizes. I do not believe that a number on a scale or a waist band determines your health and fitness levels. As well as that, I don’t believe my health and fitness is any of your business, nor is yours mine. The diet and weight loss industry are worth billions for good reason, it preys on vulnerable people. There is no getting away from that.

We are all worth so much more than numbers

I do believe we are all entitled to feel good. We are all entitled to feel positive about ourselves, regardless of whether we are a size 8, 18 or 28. Body Positivity should not be exclusive to one group of people. Back in 2017, I made a statement on a previous post. It’s worth repeating it here because I still stand by it. I am not suggesting you don’t lose weight if that is what YOU want to do and it is right for YOU. I am not suggesting you don’t exercise if that is what YOU want to do. You can do these things at any time, it does not have to be on the 1st of January, these things do not come with a time scale. What I am suggesting is that you don’t bow to pressure from social media. Exercise for health, fitness, and mindfulness. If you want to lose weight, do so in a healthy manner.

If a large person is suffering from knee pain going up the stairs, that person is not going to feel good. Should that person decide to lose some weight to ease their pain, how is that a bad thing? If a smaller person is feeling fatigued and sluggish, they’re not going to feel good. Should they decide to add some exercise into the daily routine in a bid to feel good, how is that a bad thing?

Don’t judge anyone by their cover, you know not what is between their pages

Before I say any more, don’t misunderstand me when I refer to transformation images. I’m not referring to heavily photo-shopped transformation photos used by the diet industry in a bid to lure in the vulnerable. I am referring to Mary next door who has joined a social media platform looking for some moral support on her journey to feeling good and accepting who she is. When did it become unacceptable for Mary to post a photo of herself on her feed when she does feel good having lost a few lbs?? As I said previously, if it bothers you, don’t look at it.

We are all worth so much more than numbers. We’re all deserving of that ‘feel-good’ feeling. Every person deserves to feel good, to feel positive about their bodies. Our bodies deserve to be loved, regardless of stretch marks, bingo wings, large asses, small asses, crows feet, crooked noses or funny ears!! Our bodies are part of who we are, not everything and they may well take on many different shapes and sizes over the course of our lifetime. Hopefully, those of us who need to, will become at peace with that, and accepting of that part of our being.

You do your thing, curate your own feed, follow accounts that make you feel good and treat people with respect. Don’t judge anyone by their cover, you know not what is between their pages.


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