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Body Positive ♥ Why?

I’ve had this post in drafts for far too long, but here it is, better late than not at all.I’ll be straight up, these posts are difficult to write, for me personally, it’s a very emotional subject.

First of all I really feel the need to say a massive thank you. I have been so completely overwhelmed by the support I have received since publishing my first Body Positivity post. From the comments to messages, the words of thanks even for merely saying what so many are thinking.


There are so many of us in the same predicament it would seem; feeling the same, lacking confidence, struggling with self esteem. Our thoughts and feelings on how we look taking over our everyday lives. It’s no way to live is it?

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why is there so much pressure on appearance when the reality is beauty is not defined by how we look no more than your health is not always necessarily defined by your waist size.*

I wish I had the answer, it would certainly make my life a lot easier if I did. What I do have, and you do too, is the ability to turn things around, to focus on the positives, to think in a positive manner. We are all different and that is such a good thing, we are all individuals. I honestly believe we need to start celebrating who we are, this is life, we get one chance, no practice runs. Embrace life, embrace our bodies, embrace who we are.

If you do need a little nudge and some inspiration there is a great page on Facebook, Body Positive Ireland. It is run by the very lovely Rebecca who is extremely passionate about promoting body positivity in Ireland, give her a follow and perhaps even join in with her #selfieesteemsaturday!

*I am in no way promoting an unhealthy lifestyle when I make reference to waist size, I am speaking from experience. I am overweight. I also eat well and exercise regularly but I also have PCOS, which I have gone into more detail about in my previous post.None of us know what private battles people are fighting, so let’s not judge!

Rebecca from Body Positive Ireland did not ask me to mention her page in this post, in fact she has no idea I am doing so, I just really like it and I think you might too!

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