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Give the Gift of Books – Suggested Titles

We’re big readers in the Simply Homemade home and one thing that is guaranteed is that Christmas time will see the ever growing homemade library extend a little further. Only last week both Caoimhe & Jack’s teachers’ remarked at their parent/teacher meeting’s how evident their love of reading is by the standard of their work. A love of books and reading is a wonderful gift to pass on to children.

I have compiled a list of suggestions to help you choose some books for the children in your life this Christmas.

Younger Children

Freddy Buttons by Fiona Dillon– I recently reviewed the Freddy Buttons series (read that here!) These books are a huge hit here with Miss Abbie, and while the books can be read to children from a young age, the author Fiona Dillon has written them with particular age groups in mind, books 1-3 are aimed at 5-7 year olds, books 3-6 at 6-8 year olds. These books are also accompanied by a website where the children can interact with Freddy ( and learn more about healthy food. These books are brilliant at teaching children, in a fun and engaging way, about where their food comes from; the full set can be purchased here for €25, which I think you’ll agree, is incredibly good value for 6 books!


The Irish Fairy Door Book Bundle – It’s no secret to regular readers that my little Miss fancies herself as a bit of a fairy (ok…actually she believes herself to be a real life fairy….who am I to burst her bubble?!) When I spotted this current offer from The Irish Fairy Door Company, I couldn’t resist it. For the very reasonable price of €19.95 you get three books! The Fairy Force, The Fairy Who Saved Christmas and a personalised book, The Magical Dream. As you can imagine, these books went down a treat, in particular the personalised one, Abbie was tickled to have a book with her name and that of her Fairy Friend. Now of course she’s looking for a Fairy Door too….that’s her birthday present next year sorted! These books are perfect for the Fairy fans in your life and can be purchased here.


Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson – This book was recommended to me by my friend Marguerite, her girls love it. It has become a firm favourite here too, being read to Abbie and Harry quite often, so much so, that Abbie recites the names of the Paper Doll when they come up. It’s a lovely little story that displays how wonderful children’s imaginations really are.


The Pigs Knickers by Jonathon Emmett – This was another one I bought on recommendation, The Bumbles of Rice children love it; and having read it to Miss Abbie and listened to her giggles I can see why. When a forlorn pig finds himself a pair of polka dot knickers they work wonders for his confidence, however his knickers and a hungry goat come together with a disastrous outcome….but all is not lost when a bra comes to the rescue! This one leaves us all smiling and I quite like the message too……it’s what’s inside that makes us who we are.


The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson – This book needs no introduction, I have written about it before, it is still read here everyday.  Abbie and Harry both love listening to the tale of the clever mouse and his encounters in the ‘deep dark wood’. A must have for every young child’s library.


Older Children

My middle children are 10 and 11, and both massive readers too. They have their favourite authors at the minute, so my suggestions for older children are based on what they like, are reading and requesting.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney –  These books first appeared in our house via my eldest girl and have been passed on to the next two children (I love the passing on of books!) They have all loved them, and are still gathering them, I believe there are now 10 books in the series which follow the tales of Greg, the wimpy kid and his time in school.


David Walliams – All of David Walliams books have been a huge hit with all three older children, the teen still reads them. Two more that we haven’t got have been requested this Christmas, Grandpa’s Great Escape and Awful Auntie. I always think a book that is read over and over speaks for itself, David Walliams has made his way into the hearts of children everywhere.

Image Credit: The World of David Wallams
Image Credit: World of David Walliams
Image Credit: World of David Walliams

Jacqueline Wilson – Both my older girls are Jacqueline Wilson fans. Caoimhe has recently finished The Butterfly Club, a book she found hard to put down. She is currently reading Opal Plumstead and thoroughly enjoying it too.



My eldest girl is 15 and is never without a book on the go. I couldn’t possibly list all the books she has read or intends to read but I have picked two authors that are very popular with her.

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy – Derek Landy is Irish. He is the man behind the Skulduggery Pleasant series. His first Skulduggery Pleasant book won the Red House Children’s Book Award and his second, Playing with Fire won an Irish Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year. My daughter loves these books, has collected them all and is hoping Demon Road will appear at Christmas.


John Green – I think it’s probably fair to say we are all familiar with John Green, the New York Times best selling author and the man behind the emotionally charged, The Fault in Our Stars. My daughter loved this, along with Looking For Alaska. She now has Paper Towns on her list of ‘must have’ reads.


I hope some of these suggestion are helpful to you if you are trying to choose a book for a child this Christmas, and I would love to hear your suggestions too, we can never have enough books on our ‘must read’ lists.

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