Vegetarian Lunch

Broccoli & Potato Soup

I love those early days of getting back to a ‘normal’, healthier eating pattern after the Christmas holidays, when we tend to just eat all the time, regardless of whether we’re hungry or not and one meal inevitably rolls into another.
These early January days may feel long sometimes but the do bring some structure back into our lives.
With healthy eating at the fore front of my mind today, I opted for a warm, filling Broccoli & Potato soup for lunch.


1 Tbsp Rapeseed/Olive Oil
I Large onion, chopped
1-2 Medium-large potatoes, diced
Approx 500g Broccoli
1 litre Vegetable stock
Handful of fresh parsley, chopped
Salt & Pepper to taste
A small dash of cream (optional, and not for the health conscious!!)


* Heat the oil in a large saucepan, then add the onion and sauté until it is soft.
* Add the diced potato & broccoli and mix well, then add the vegetable stock.
* Bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until the veg is cooked.
* Season with salt & pepper, and add the chopped parsley.
* Blitz using a hand blender or food processor, taste and season again as required.

Serve with a dash of cream and some more fresh parsley, and enjoy a warm delicious, filling soup which is very quick and easy to make.

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