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Going for coffee isn’t something we do very often, not because we don’t like too, we love too, however our little people have a tendency to want to leave coffee shops as soon as we arrive in them……and can be quite vocal about it too!!

Sometimes though, you just have to say feck it! And that is what we did today, we had to go out for a bit this morning and so decided on the spur of the moment to go for coffee…….and cake, this was a treat after all!!

Perusing the menu!!
Perusing the menu!!

We went to Button & Spoon, a charming restaurant located in Bridgetown, here in Co. Wexford. We’ve been here  before for coffee, it’s beautiful. Since opening it’s doors just over a year ago, business has well and truly boomed for this little gem. I am well used to seeing Facebook friends tag themselves in Button & Spoon, it’s not a place you only visit once.

Divine Coffee
Divine Coffee

The décor in Button & Spoon is simply delightful, it provides such a sense of calm, add to this the warm welcome from the staff and you are instantly relaxed. As soon as we sat down today, Harry thought it would be great fun to stand on the lovely seat, adorned with even lovelier cushions, when both he & Abbie were given chalk and chalkboards to colour on! They were both delighted and the climbing boy was very happy to sit and colour instead, brilliant!


The cakes available today were Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Coffee, Walnut & Caramel. This was no contest for me, I love coffee & walnut so I went for that, so did Mr. Simply Homemade and we ordered a slice of chocolate cake between Abbie & Harry along with two cappuccino’s and apple juice for the little people.

Real Apple Juice
Real Apple Juice


What can I say?? The cakes, as well as being very generous portions, were absolutely delicious, the coffee divine.


 The only problem?  Harry!! When he’d eaten what he wanted of his cake and drank what he wanted of his juice, he was ready to go!! And when that boy is ready, he is ready.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Button & Spoon today and would highly recommend it. For anybody reading this who may be coming to the Sunny Southeast on holidays this year, do drop by Bridgetown for coffee & cake, it’s such a treat.

Button & Spoon, Main St., Bridgetown
Button & Spoon, Main St., Bridgetown

I was not asked to write about Button & Spoon, it is just that good, I had to share with those of you who may not be aware of it. Check out their website here. They are also on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, be warned, the photo’s of their sweet & savoury fayre will leave your mouth watering!!

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  1. Oh I spotted that place last year (going to and from ballycross I think?) – it looked so nice from outside. I’ll put it on the hit list for this summer – though I hear you about the kids in a cafe. All hell breaks loose with us once the last crumb has been eaten. And they eat fast.

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