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Coffee & Hazelnut Energy Balls

My eldest daughter is currently sitting her Junior Cert exams. Exams are stressful,there is so much pressure on our young people at this time, personally I think it’s too much pressure. However, it’s happening so we have to get our children through these weeks. Our approach is to nurture, nourish and reassure I feel it’s… Continue reading Coffee & Hazelnut Energy Balls

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Flapjacks that stay together…..just about!

Flapjacks frustrate me, the kids like them, they’re handy little snacks and ideal for their lunchboxes…..if I could only get them to stay together! Recipe after recipe I’ve tried, my own and other peoples, to no avail, until today. I think I might have cracked it. I hope I have, I’m blogging it now anyway,… Continue reading Flapjacks that stay together…..just about!