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Pizza Puffs

I try to provide my children with a little variety in their lunchboxes so as they’re not eating sandwiches every day. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sandwiches, and there are many weeks where they have some sort of sandwich all five days, but I have one boy who won’t veer beyond jam between his slices of bread …

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Fig Truffles

Oooh these are good! I like figs, both fresh and dried. I was looking for something else in the press when I came across a bag. Whatever I was looking for was abandoned and these are the result! I thought to myself afterward, these would make a lovely homemade gift for that occasion that occurs at the end of the …

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New Kid on the Blog

I try and see Sunday as my ‘day off’, though for a supposed day off it sure does tend to be a busy one with meals to prepare, ensuring uniforms are ready for Monday, washing and putting away the last of the weekends laundry. I do like to set aside an hour if I can though and catch up on some reading; …

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Summer Scones

I have mentioned before how I like to give the children homemade snacks in their lunchboxes as much as I can. One of the things I regularly give them is a scone, I tend to make a batch almost every week and pop them in the freezer, leaving them out overnight & putting them into the lunchboxes before the kids head out …

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