Body Positivity

New Year, New Nothing ♥ Body Positivity

Tell me I’m not alone in finding the ‘diet culture’ messages intolerable at the moment. We are being bombarded left right and centre. I cannot help but feel that it is both overwhelming and unnecessary. I know there are many who won’t be of the same opinion as me, but I don’t agree with the whole ‘New… Continue reading New Year, New Nothing ♥ Body Positivity

Body Positivity · The Simply Homemade Mum

Body Positive ♥ A Personal Journey

Do you struggle with body positivity? I do; I have done for as long as I can remember. I see all the flaws and there are lots of them.   It’s time to change my attitude, to accept myself for who I am. My body is far from perfect but it’s mine. It has carried… Continue reading Body Positive ♥ A Personal Journey