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What Caught My Eye #33

I’m reviving What Caught My Eye for 2018, well actually, I’m continuing where I left off and this is the 33rd post in the series which proved quite popular last year. I can’t promise it will be here every week, as it really does depend on how often I’m online and whether or not I read something I feel may be of interest to you.

This week, it’s here, so before you go any further, make sure you’re comfy and then read on!

The Taste is listing the Top 10 Food Trends for 2018. I do find these lists fascinating and I’ll be interested to see how ‘trendy’ some of these actually become. I know my Nana would argue tea has never not been trendy!!

What better way is there to look back, than through images? Here are 30 poignant images from 2017.

I love eggs, budget-friendly and nutritious. I also admire Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes. He has a Harissa and Manchego Omelette recipe here that has my mouth watering!

Here are some dates to mark off your calendar, Irish Food Festivals for 2018.

This is a refreshing list, it isn’t resolutions, it’s coping mechanisms for January, a really good read for someone like me who isn’t a fan of the first month of the year.

Finally, I know ‘Veganuary’ is trendy, I’m not doing it. The majority of our meals have been vegetarian, sometimes vegan for almost a year now. There are some gorgeous recipes here if it’s your thing.


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