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What Caught My Eye #34

Good morning! Are you comfy? No? Well, I’m not going anywhere so go on, grab a cuppa, get comfy and then…..read on!

It’s very easy to lose sight of perspective. We all do it, every day. Then something like Holly’s letter comes along and makes us stop. ‘Whinge less, help people more…..do what makes your heart feel happy’

Donna over at A Cookbook Collection has a wealth of delicious recipes, including this one which caught my eye during the week, Bacon & Egg Naan. Now, I don’t eat meat, but egg & chilli are a match made in heaven. I will be making this breakfast (with the bacon for Mr S/H!)

I always enjoy the book review posts from Sharon at Behind Green Eyes, she now has all of her 2017 reads in one post with clickable images for full reviews of anything that takes your fancy. My ‘to read’ pile has increased yet again!

If you’ve been popping in here a while, you’ll know by now how much a feckin’ love my breakfast. Look at this, I’m making this during the week, Banana Coconut Granola, it looks lovely!

It would seem quite a few well-known names are a bit like myself and like to get creative with a pair of knitting needles. Ryan Gosling knits, that surely means I’m cool, right?

The Belle Gibson story was one that shocked the world. She lied from the outset and unfortunately the public fell hook, line and sinker for this story of survival. The truth will always emerge and thankfully it was sooner rather than later with Belle Gibson.



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