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What Caught My Eye #35

How are we still in January? It is never ending! Make yourself a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself. We’re nearly there, four sleeps until February!

I don’t follow trends, I like what I like, but I do like to have a little nosey at those predicted. Here are The Top 10 Interiors Trends for 2018, according to Pinterest.

I really liked reading11 Great Things About Being A Mum (Because Sometimes We Forget). It’s true, sometimes we do forget and that’s okay. We’re sleep deprived, we’re stressed, anxious even. It is good, and important, to stop and remember how awesome parenthood really is.

This Banana Bread looks delicious, I may try it. I make banana bread every week, it’s great for using up over-ripe bananas and a nice addition to the lunch boxes.

I love this piece on Table Manners from Katia at Proper Food. As a parent of a child with Motor Skill issues, I learned a long time to look past how people eat. We all should.Instead, watch as they enjoy the food they have in front of them.

These Dancing Umbrellas on Where Wishes Come From really are the perfect rainy day craft. I will definitely be making these with my small girl.


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