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What Caught My Eye This Week?

Hello Sunday! It’s that time of the week again where I share some interesting finds from the world wide web. Welcome to What Caught My Eye.

There is one monthly book review post that I would highly recommend you read and that is January Reads (and subsequent months) from Behind Green Eyes. Sharon reads such a wide variety of books, there is something for everyone among her selection.

It’s definitely cold season, we’ve been falling like a circle of dominoes in our house since December. There are lots of old wives tales regarding the curing of colds. Science Wows dispels the myths and tells us which are fact, which are fiction.

Are you following the February Love Series over on Karen’s blog, Yankee Doodle Paddy? So many wonderful, real-life stories are being shared, detailing love in many forms, Naomi & Dave’s story for instance truly was a case of meant to be. I joined Karen again this year and wrote about my Mother & the life she loved.

Sustainability is a word we here frequently in relation to the food industry. These 10 Ways We Can Make the Food System More Sustainable are all very valid, good ideas and we can certainly adopt some of them. Ultimately though, the cost to the consumer must be taken into account too. This is something that frustrates me as we are trying to reduce our plastic use, but when we are working to a strict budget, ultimately the kilo bag of carrots for 49c will always be the better value buy than a couple of loose carrots for more than €1!

I make a conscious effort not to criticise my body in front of my children. All bodies are good bodies, this is the example I want to set for them. I am not alone in my thoughts, Passing on Good Habits to our Children is a refreshing read on this topic.

I read My Happiness Project and found myself nodding along to it. Tracey has implemented the things she needed to make her happier. I found myself questioning why I’m not just doing the same.

These Salted Caramel Peanut Bars would make a delicious Valentines Day treat for yourself or a loved one….or yourself!

Speaking of Valentines Day, apparently, this is the only rom-com to screen on the aforementioned day.



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