Chocolate Making Workshop with Zaeire

A couple of years ago my daughter attended a Chocolate Workshop  Zaeire Artisan Chocolate. She enjoyed it so much she wrote about it.

Leigh, the lady behind Zaeire,  is hosting the workshops again. Every Monday & Tuesday morning over the Summer holidays they will take place. Today my two smallest and their pal went along for the morning.

There was fierce excitement from them as we went to Karoo, where the workshops take place. Upon arrival, Leigh introduced herself to the children. She then showed them to their seats, helped them with their aprons, (very important when working with chocolate!) and talked to them about what they would be doing. Once all the children had arrived they got stuck in.

Zaeire 6
Zaeire 2
Zaeire 4
Zaeire 1

The bonus of having the chocolate workshop in a restaurant is that Mam & Dad can stay and have breakfast, which is exactly what we did. It also gave us the opportunity to watch our budding chocolatiers in action!

Karoo Coffee
Karoo Breakfast

During the course of the workshop, which lasts one and a half hours, the children made a selection of chocolates and chocolate lollies. There was lots of help from Leigh, lots of requests for ‘more chocolate please’ and lots of fun and laughter.

Hot Chocolate

My two and their friend are five and six. They love chocolate, sprinkles, sticky fingers and mess. None of this phased Leigh, who has great patience and ensures all the kids have plenty (and more) of what they need.

Just like previous workshops, the mornings’ entertainment is excellent value. It is €10 per child for an hour and a half, they take home a bag of 16 chocolates and 4 lollies and they received complimentary hot chocolate or cordial too. The workshop runs every Monday & Tuesday morning for the summer, check out Zaeire facebook page for booking.

Let's get

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write a review for Zaeire and I paid for the workshop myself. I simply like to share good value, enjoyable experiences with you.


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