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Christmas Gift Tags

Way back in the 1980’s my Mam decided to make good use of her Christmas cards. They’re such a lovely thing to receive, in particular when they arrive from folk you may only be in touch with at that time of year so it’s such a shame to just toss them into the recycling bin as soon as Christmas is over.


So what did she do with them? This!


She got out her pinking shears and transformed the cards into gift tags for the presents she would be gifting the following year.


I now do the same. Does anybody else do this or what other uses, if any, do you have for your Christmas Cards?



  1. Yes! I have done this since I was a girl. My Grandma always used to make tags from her Christmas cards and I used to go round and help. It has become a tradition for me. I even make them when I take my cards down so they are all ready for the next year!

    1. Such a lovely thing to do isn’t it? I do the same as you and have them ready for the following year after I take them down.

  2. That’s a genius idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That is a brilliant idea Nicola! I’ll keep this year’s cards to do it for next year. If I get any that is 😉

    1. Brilliant Donna 🙂 I have to admit to sending far fewer myself these days. We make a charitable donation instead of buying stamps!

      1. I know it seems like such a waste of money in a way but I love getting them

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